Thursday, October 21, 2010

If You Can't Say Something Nice, Say Nothing At All


If that title was something I truly followed, then, not much conversation could be done with my brother and dad. Wait..

I don't even talk them at all.

Ah so this word of wisdom does make sense after all.

I mean, I can't be really mean to my dad, after all, he is my dad and he does pay all of the bill so basically he got a chain around my neck. Regardless of everything I don't like about him, he is still dad. Oh yah, he gave me his genetics. Not much can I do really

Then we the idiot I called a brother. Actually, if I really think about it, I think he is pure genius. He practically gets away with everything. So many things he has done, and yet, nothing was done. I don't care if he doing things of his own, but when he involves me in it. Yeah, its hell.

Especially about cars. He uses them, and not take care of them. He just does not have the responsibility to do it. Why? because I do it for him, because my mother wanted me to do it instead of him. You see, he does not have to worry, he can do all kind of crap, and he knows somebody will support his lazy ass. Yes people told me, to take power, to control, but the car was paid fully by my dad. I feel like I am trap and enslave to it. Besides, if the car does go wrong, and my dad was driving it, we all had to take the blame.

My mom? well, she is getting old, and getting more laid back with the children. Which is why, brother can be such an ass and can get away with it. I can't talk to him, because I can' talk normally to him. I want smack his face, and yell on top of my lungs, but noo, cannot, its not right, its not the way to communicate. Seriously go fuck off all of you who thinks that way. You fucking don't know what the fucking I had to deal with, with the fucking moron. Oh yah, he gets the backing of my parents.

Lucky bastard, or better yet Lucky Smart Ass Bastard. One of the reasons my mother told me, that she hates to tell him to do anything, is that he will procrastinate and postpone till she is fed up. Then he does this face which makes her fed up. Then my mother will make a face to me, which makes me fed up, and at last, I do the work. Congrats him for being such a manipulator.

I could sense it when he was like 4. That little manipulating punk. Dear god, let me stay away from that little shit head. I don't care if he wants to lie away into my parents fortune, just do it, with out me there.
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