Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Much

Remember that feeling when you laugh so hard that your ribs hurt, well I have that feeling of my ribs hurt, but not due to laughing but to coughing uncontrollably. Its the doomed dry cough. It causes you nights sleep and is a bothersome to everyone in the cinema, the library, and exam hall.

I would love to have my blocked nose back and the cough that accompanies it. They are much more manageable than this crappy cough.

It other good news, I had the largest gathering of friends that came to my house ever. Wait.... I had a large group of friends over when I was in Form 4, but that is different, since they invited themselves over by force.

It was tiring, but at least I got a lot of help from my family. Yes, we should preserve the environment by using washable plates and cups, but only if you had someone to wash it for you. I will stick to paper plates, cups and plastic utensils next time.
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