Friday, October 15, 2010


How do people keep focus? I always look track of my focus. The only thing that is focuses is my contact lenses helping my eyes to focus. Even that is creating problems now. Sometimes my eyes get dry and the contact lenses fall out. I manage to pop it back it without the usage of a mirror and solution as long as my eyes were watery. After years of wearing it, you kinda have the feeling of putting in your lenses in an emergency, although a mirror is a huge help.

These 1 year lenses are okay, but somehow I can’t shake the feeling that it would only last a few months, based on my last experience with a 1 year lense. Well at least, these lenses are cheap, like RM35 a pair, instead of like RM180 a pair. I just have to ensure I vigorously rub the lenses during cleaning to remove the protein.

I do hope I don’t get an eye infection again. People who wear contact lenses are more likely to get all sorts of eye infection, due to us, putting in, a foreign object into our eyes and have it there all day long.

Although colored lenses are fake, at least I still need to wear them to correct my vision. These are Geo Lenses from Korea called Magic Color 3 tone, in grey. Trust me, they only appear during flash photography, you can barely see them in real life, which is good or bad depending on the effect you want. The lenses are small, around 14.0mm, compared to Freshlook 14.5 mm lenses or the current trend of wearing 16.0mm lenses. I find them okay, since they are not as comfortable as my Softlens 38, since the color pigments due block the oxygen content a bit. It does depend on your eyes though.

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