Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in it?

Yesterday, I went and organized my trousers compartment in my closet. I had to do it, because my other trousers won't fit in them anymore. That means, there pairs of trousers that need to be thrown away and need to be organized so that more can be fit it. It does not help that its the same compartment where I keep my towels too. I have to sacrifice my junk drawer I think to fit everything in.

Today, I was inspired despite all the negative things that had happened, to do reorganized the compartment where I put in all my stationary in. I have forgotten how much stationary I have. Mind you, 1/3 of it, was courtesy of forgetful students who came to the lab that I was in.

There random but important things such as a lip balm and nail clipper. It seems I like to be able to cut my nails at anytime I please. Such a random post, but the way everything is so damn organized, like you have a maid on hand.
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