Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Absolutely Positively Takde Keje Lain

This post is so vain, if you could raised one eye brow, you would too. I just gotten a haircut, and its always a bit different everytime I get it but its always being done according to my taste. Something simple as keeping the side and back very short and cutting the crown with a layering scissors, make simple "crew cut", just a bit different. Heck, I am all about crew cuts, is the only hair style I like to have and maintain. My sideburn is back, after it was accidentally shaven off, due to my mistake of being trimmer happy (always used the guard with the trimmer ALWAYS). A sideburn is very important, it frames the face nicely, and keeps its from going roundish, if you are chubby like me with a chubby face. Another that suddenly appear is the black patch on my right cheek, the side burn seem to hide it or camoflauge it. Weird... Another nice thing, my contact lenses did not cause my eyes to be red at the end of the day. This problem is further augmentated that I have coloured lenses. I just can't stop liking my Geo lenses Magic Color 3 tone lenses. It looks grey, green and brown at certain times of day, almost like how a friend of a friend who has naturally hazel eye, and he is 100% Malay. WICKED!!! How about blemish free skin, and shine free skin. Perhaps is the mild weather today and that I washed my face with water a few hours ago, and that I finally found a sunblock that is not greasy. Sadly, the sunblock is no longer sold in Malaysia, or at least at every god damn pharmacy I went in. Too bad I got a facial hair above my lips that looks like adolescent boy or girl, which has to be shaven off because its looks damn ridiculous. I don't it grew anymore than it did when I was 12. Eh.. can't have everything right..

*although everything seem to fall apart, other things seem to come together....
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