Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I did something that I love to do, but fail to execute. Budgeting. I had all sorts of plan to do on my imaginary budget, but most of it never materialised. Its either, I spend it all, I already lock my self into a long term monthly payment, or trying to keep up with the Joneses. At my current situation, I have no stable income, although I finally did something smart and applied for the Demonstrator job available. Its basically a task that I have done for free for the past 2 1/2 years but never qualified for payment. So far that is the only real thing that is going into my account that is real, and its only per semester.

Right now I am applying for a tutor position in my lab, which is surprisingly supported by almost all the lecturers. It has a pretty good salary if the pay is the same as a friend who is doing the almost same thing in another faculty. However, I shall not get my hopes up, even though the Head of Department supported it, and even the new Dean, who replaced the former jerk. Somebody in the main campus can always destroyed my hopes and dreams.

The worst part of it, is that I already made a budget of how the money will be spent. That's kinda stupid because I am working a false pretense of something that may or may not happen. Another ugly truth that I found out, is that, according to the budget, I don't have much left to spend.

Its not all that bad, since I did allocated some money for savings, for PTPTN (who just sent me the warning letter because I did not tell them I was furthering my studies) and even some for my mother.

A lot of the budget went into my soon to be new car, to replace the almost 20 year old car that I am driving. I mean its relatively a good option, since the old car has high roadtoax, high fuel consumption and high maintenance. I don't mind having it sent for repairs, I just hate the fact that most of the parts takes days to be located. I also do not plan to pay for 9 years on my car, since its basically renting your vehicle.

However it does need a basic safety equipment, which is kinda top spec for Malaysia cars. Things such as 2 airbags (the western world has minimum of 6) and ABS. Even these two are only available in top specs for each version.

However for these things, I am looking at almost half of my salary going to a car. It could be solved by getting a cheaper car which will only take up a comfortable 1/3of my salary which does include fuel, toll, and maintenance. Actually that 1/2 of my salary does include fuel, toll, and maintenance. I dunno why I freak out so easily.

Its not even real, the salary, the job nor the car. The only thing that is real, is the 20 year old car, the pending thesis and this lap top. That is what I do, which is dwelling on a pure thought. I gotta get out of this rut (perhaps put some pictures in too, this is a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy blog) but then, its still mine :)
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