Wednesday, October 20, 2010



No, not a new type of meat or a vegan meat made from soy bean. Its gym + eating = no change at all. Of course people would say, you need to eat, or you'll die, but come on. Healthy eating, is, well.. healthy.

We are talking lean meats, non oily, non processed, no refined starch, bla bla bla bla. Small meals every 2 hours, no meals after 8pm, drink enough water. bla bla bla.

Then we have the gym which is the exercise. Those are doing cardio, keeping your heart rate at optimum level for at least 20 minutes, doing resistance training, proper breathing, stretching and proper posture.

Its a lot to swallow. Some people managed to make the switch and never looked back. Me? Gosh.. I don't know if I do. I don't like hate my body or is ashamed of it, I mean I do try to find clothes now that are not to tight but not so effin loose that I look like a tent. My friends will know, that I will be the first one to get half naked and jump into the pool, while the rest of my friends with bulging biceps are ashamed of their little tummy. You know story, the one where I swam in a pool facing KLCC, great times, great times indeed.

Sometimes I do get jealous of the media, portraying really good looking well built men, surrounded by beautiful women. Yes, the media does exaggerated it, but its part of nature for females to find the best looking males to ensure their offspring become the best. You know the peacock with the colorful feathers are male, while the female look dull and gray.

I mean sometimes, I do get jealous and actually become more pump at the gym but then a glass of soda and bag of salty fried things, are really really good. I will never go anyway with this. Heck, I lost weight during the fasting month, because I actually ate a lot less and still do a lot more activity than I did in the normal months.

Its either be happy, or diet and exercise till you look and feel good. One thing though, about exercise, that I actually really like is that..

  • your skin become in better condition
  • you sleep better
  • your bowel movements is so much smoother and easier

*bowel movement = berak... XD

I guess I'll keep on doing it, and then at least try to mind what I am eating and perhaps follow a fellow blogger tip. Find a tight fitting shirt and wear it with a tight fitting short. If its tight, you have gain weight, if it fits, then you are right on track, if its loose, well better get new set of fitting shirts and shorts. This will be your guide, regardless of how much you weight. Baggy clothes are comfort clothes, destined to make you feel better when gaining weight.

For me though, seeing someone with a body type that I admire, some how fuel this desire even more that the scale, or clothes. Its like, I wanna be like that guy, he looks great, look at that swagger, like Tom cat (male cat) at the back alley.

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