Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again?


First and for most, I gotta say something first. Wow, Betty White is like everywhere now, she is 80 something and still quite active in acting. You should see her Snicker's commercial in the US. Hey its Kristen Bell, she used to star in now no longer produced series Veronica Mars and she was on Heroes as a villain who is able to command electricity but who then got her head cut open by Sylar. Odette Yustman, such a exotic name, I wonder where she is from, not much that is known about her except that she was on this movie called Cloverfield, a movie which cause many movie goers to throw up due to motion sickness. We then have Jamie Lee Curtis, wow she looks really old now, but good. I think she pass on most of the plastic surgery other Hollywood actress took. I still remember her dance scene in True Lies. Sigourney Weaver, our Avatar girl, without her blue skin and khakis but traded it into something red and shiny.

YOU AGAIN? Yeah, we all have some one from our past that made our lives feel like hell. What if you met them again, ergh.. scary.. even worse, they will be part of your family.... the worst of all, they will be a part of your close family. That means every celebration, weddings, and funerals, they will be there. AAAAAAH!!!!!!

I got a lot of people who tormented me in school but the worse would probably be in secondary school. I did not really have just one person against me, I have like a bunch of boys who just liked to pick on me. They just like to see my reaction toward anything they did.

Some said, it was just a joke, and I should just be cool about it, but I can't. I don't get the jokes, the pranks or the whatever they thought that was funny. All I got was my own frustration and their laughter. Which in turn made me mad, and made me feel lonesome and out of place. It continued on from Form 2 to Form 3. When I was in form 3, that was my final breaking point

I went back after lunch to find out, that my bag fill with a trash can. Not just trash, they actually put the whole trash can in my bag. I went berserk after wards and started to throw everything all over the classroom. Well, you know how caring Malaysians was, all the nearby classes started to came by and watch while I freaked out. I don't really remember what happened afterwards, there were no meeting with teachers nor there was any suspension of anyone. After the day that I finally had enough, the teasing stopped, and the boys just stopped bothering me.

There were still minor teasing, here and there but I guess people learned their lesson and I learnt mine. Sometimes, you just have to smile and nod, even though you have no idea what's going on. Although that did not change the fact I was still a loner, still though there were people that kinda understand the person I am it went okay.

What if they were a part of my family now? Gosh, I think most of them are married already and the probability of me seeing them again is quite slim, since I skipped most of the reunions my school did. I will go there once I pursue my PhD only.

WHAT IF?? they did come, or maybe one of them decided to come back, and married one of my sisters?

YOU AGAIN??????????????

I would actually welcome them, I don't think they would recognized me anymore or even know how much I have actually changed. To think that they could repeat the same shit they did back then. They are wrong, DEAD wrong....

Opss, that's another movie ;)

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