Friday, October 1, 2010

Out Early

Usually sleeping in early would be a great thing.. is it? I mean you get more sleep which research have said is good for your health. Also going to bed early means you are probably sick and need the rest

Well, I am in for both reasons. I am feeling unwell and I feel I need the sleep (besides I gotta stop coming in late, its getting ridiculous). However the last two days that I managed to sleep early and woke up (relatively) early, has lead me to these vivid dreams.

The first dream was about me forgetting a travelling date that I had with a friend. I totally believed that is was real and can't seem to realize it. It took a long time to snap out of that dream

In the second dream, I dream I had to go back to UiTM to do my degree, I even went back to my old hostel. I was told I had to take a few classes before I can graduate. It was terrible, not only I had no place to live in the hostel (every room was full) I knew no one there. I was so upset and cried in my dream, till I realized, I already graduated, and had my convocation. I even finished my degree and had its convocation too. Then I managed to snap out of the dream and woke up to reality.

Ergh.. god knows what the heck my mind is playing with me tonight..
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