Thursday, September 30, 2010


I hate coughing more than a blocked nose. I can still sleep with a blocked nose. Just cover my nose with a blanket and let the warmed air relaxed and clear my passage way. However, with coughing, you end up waking up with a cough or trying to sleep with a cough. Its such a terrible feeling. The worst kind of cough is the dry cough. You just keep coughing your lungs out and you can't stop. Nothing comes out, which means its practically no use. Coughing with phlegm is just the body own way to remove the excess infected phlegm out of your system. So dry cough is nuisance to my own sanity. I feel like biting everyone heads off.

Cough syrup taste terrible. That so called mixed fruit flavour is very nasty to me. I got who loves the taste of cough syrup. Ergh.... A friend of mind recommended me to a home remedy which consist of half of calamanzi lime and a table spoon of pure honey. They taste great! The tartness of the lime is soften by the smooth sweet honey and that gooey honey texture and smell gets cut by the lime. Its means both ingredient work incredibly well with each other. There have been many researches done of the effectiveness of lime and honey, together or separately against many types of bacteria. Since I am having a sore throat as well, the honey and calamanzi lime combination should aid in healing the throat.

At least I don't have to get my tonsils remove like my sister did. Her tonsils were disgusting before, filled with holes and tears, because it was so badly infected. After she got them taken out, she never fall as sick as she did before. Hopefully my tonsils are just irritated for a while.....
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