Thursday, September 23, 2010


My Internet connection degrades each coming year. It gotten worse with the new broadband gateway. I am not sure if its the broadband gateway's fault or just my lap top needs formatting. There is so many junk and crap in here, that this laptop needs a clean sweep to remove everything. Not to mention, this laptop gets hot to the point that resting my palm on it is uncomfortable. I wonder if those metal based netbook cooler would work better, since metal will absorb the heat from the laptop and the built in fan will cool it down.

If only Unifi would come to my neighborhood. I am sure it will, but it will take them a long time I bet. It took TM a while to connect Streamyx broadband to our row of linked houses. Even before Streamyx broadband existed, the fastest connection that we were able to get on our 56kb modem was only 28kb, regardless of what type of computer or laptop that we used. Unifi is great, since you can get up to 20mb per second connection to your house. AWESOME.

To put it in perspective, the fastest Streamyx connection we could buy is 4mb, and the speed never touches 4mb ever. My house uses a 1mb connection, and its pretty slow at times. Those who uses only 512kb or worst 384kb had it worst that ours.

A cousin of mine said "well its better than nothing at all". She is right, but damn infrastructure is not building up as fast as people are getting wired. Sure there are many wireless broadband available, however there is a limit cap on the amount of you can use, once you go over the limit, your connection is stopped since you already used the allocated amount that you paid. Streamyx seem to have unlimited access, although the fine print said, if a particular customer downloads a lot of things (torrent, P2P) they slow down the Internet connection.

My house will sometime have 6 people connected to the Internet at the same time, so Broadband limits are a big no no.

Ah well, here is hope for a better broadband connection in the future..
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