Monday, September 20, 2010


Schools back again, that means traffic jam also, however, I leave home before the traffic jam starts and leave the lab after the traffic jam ends... hmmmm

I am trying to keep Syawal weight gain, from... well gaining.

Running out of money.. again!.. Argh..

Will actually be selling the Mercedes now. no I mean seriously. Since he agreed to the 13k price tag.

Thesis, thesis. freak muthfuka thesis...

ANTM new season is great!

Ford Fiesta is really nice, but I really want the Kia Soul..

Farmville and Frontier is left alone, yet again...

Finally felt secure and confident on getting a Neo, but who knows, he might change his mind yet again, besides, still haven't spoken to him at all.

Sent the Samsung camera for its last trip to the repair centre. Its last chance, before its kept in the junk drawer.

I think I need the junk drawer for space to put my clothes in....
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