Monday, September 27, 2010

The Smell

My nose is probably the only thing that works properly, even though the passage way is blocked (that is why I sound nasally and sometimes snore while I am awake), the sense of smell never fails me.

Everything has their own odour, smell, aroma, or stench. Sometimes its indescribable. Can you describe the smell of rain, the aroma of rendang, the odour of the stink bug or the stench of those who does not shower. All of these scents will leave a long lasting impression on me, will trigger the memories that associated with it.

The stench of today is the stench of a defrosted freezer that was left unattended all weekend. So the room that accommodate the freezer now smell like death. Death to me smells like a 10 year old carcass that is slowly decomposing in the freezer.

I feel I need a shower now and these clothes need to be hand washed using a lot of detergent, so that it won't contaminated other clothes and will come out smelling fresh and clean.
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