Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Everyone of us has a particular ritual they do each night.

My ideal ritual is taking my shower which includes brushing my teeth, shampooing my hair, soaping my body and washing my face with a cleanser before Maghrib. Than clean feeling one gets after a shower is very... well... clean.

Then have dinner, then just watch TV and then go to bed at 11pm.

Yeah, that is pretty much ideal for me

Usually it ends up, me on the laptop (as if I don't spend on it enough in the lab) till Maghrib, then pray, then take a shower, fight with my sister on what channel to watch (the bitch refuse to give control of the TV, which is getting ridiculous as we get older), then have an inner conflict whether to go to gym or not and then ate something salty or savoury for a snack. All the while, still haven't bath.

I might decide to surf the net some more, play video games, or go out to Tesco. I will or might go to the gym or stay up watching something on YouTube..

Don't forget, I must at least open the Thesis folder or at least read something academic at night.

Ergh.. it feels hectic even thought there is not much to do.

Crazy..... or just plain poor time management
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