Friday, September 17, 2010

The Rubber Band Effect

The Rubber band Effect. Tie a weight to a rubber band, then watch it as the weight pull it back down. Cut the weight off, and rubber band snaps up right to your face. Yes, that is my analogy on how the weight loss of Ramadhan and the feast of Syawal acts. Maybe some of you have more will power than others and just plainly refuse anything coconut based during raya (what are you ah, Mat Salleh is it) or you have incredibly high metabolism to burn everything off or you have that type of body that failed to gain or loose weight (or your scale is stuck or broken).

I am not that concerned or am I. These low rise slim fit Billabong jeans, feels incredibly fit today. The scale tells me the same thing as my mind did. The weight gain will only come, about a week after the feast.

Should I cry? Nope. Worry? Not at all. I will accept this as being normal. Regardless of whatever the reasons of people give when they gain weight, the cause of it, is because you eat more calories than you are able to burn it off. Unless you have a medical letter from a specialist saying that you have thyroid problem.

So just do it, fasting again, not eating after 7, no fast food, no rice, lift weights, run on the treadmill, jog in the park, drink replacement meals in a glass or go to a slimming centre. What ever that is that you do that works for you to control your weight. Just do it.

More important of all, is to be happy and comfortable with yourself.
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