Monday, November 30, 2009

Oily Skin

Oily skin, is when you face is shiny, greasy, with large pores and can accompany with pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. I know this problem very well, my skin is very oily, sometimes its so oily I could have shiny skin in an air condition room. Its not visually attractive to have a shiny face when taking a picture. So why does it happen?

  • Over active

Oily skin is caused by over active sebaceous glands. This glands produces sebum, a natural lubricant for the skin. This keeps the top layer of the skin, soft and supple. People with dry skin are lacking with this substance. However too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much of the sebum causes the skin to be shiny and greasy.

  • Causes

It could be a family trait, if your relatives have greasy skin, you could too. Food can be a factor, especially the greasy, over processed food. External factors such as humidity or heat can cause skin to produce excess oil. The human body is all about balance, if your skin is over dried to due harsh skin care products, your skin will produce excess oil to compensate to dryness of the skin.

  • Treatment

The way to treat oily skin is not by scrubbing the oil away or using harsh soaps to dry the skin, but is to treat it gently and making sure there is balance of oil on the skin. You can use cleanser made for oily skin. A general guide on cleanser suitable for oily skin is that, it could be in a gel form, it has clay ingredients to absorb oil, or its not oily. These cleanser with leave your skin feeling very matte and fresh. Then afterward you need a bit of moisturizer to balance the skin oil. An alcohol free toner is actually a very good moisturizer for oily skin, and it will help the skin to be less oily, since the skin is already moisturized the skin will not produce excess sebum anymore. Another route to go is to you a gentle cleanser that cleans the skin gently, but this is not enough to get rid all of the oil, so a toner with alcohol in it can really help clearing up the oil. Our main mission is to create balance in the skin, to reduce the oil at a certain level to reduce greasiness but at the same time leaving a bit on so that it will stay moisturized without being greasy. Another product that is very good for oily skin is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is great since is absorb excess oil from the skin while being the best product to treat mild to moderate acne. There are many studies that has shown the effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide to treat oily and acne prone skin. If you do find it over drying or causes your skin to peel, find a product with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide concentration, this low concentration is mild enough for most skin, unless you are allergic to it.

  • Conclusion

Your skin will always be oily no matter what you do, you can't really help it, however with the right care, your skin will be dewy and moisturized without being greasy. If it does get greasy during the day, all you need is just tissue paper to blot the oil away or just wash your face with plain water. One bonus thing of having oily skin, is that it does not get wrinkled easily or photo ages, so you don't need all that expensive creams to reduce wrinkles, your skin produces enough of it, to keep your skin soft and supple.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twiligh Saga - New Moon (My review)

Do you remember your first heartbreak? Remember how it felt, how it incapacitated you. How you felt like a zombie, how you felt incredibly numb. You felt so numb you are willing to try everything, and anyone just to feel something. Its a terrible feeling to have a huge hole in your heart that is just unbearable to some. How about suddenly you found someone to fill that hole, and suddenly you felt whole again, but most important of all, you felt something again. Once you reached this high peak, suddenly this person left you how do you deal with it? Basic is what New Moon is really all about. Sure there are vampires with super powers such as emphatic reading via hearing voices of what others are thinking, knowing every thought you had by a single touch, predicting the future, sensing relationships, being able to control people's emotion, causing another person pain without even touching them or being able to protect your mind from being invaded from others. This story is really about a girl's point of view on relationships. Unless you are a girl, or you could be empathetic as a girl, this movie could be insanely boring to you. I read the books, I am about to finish the New Moon book, so yes, its very girl oriented. However I really like a story that involves people with some type of super power. I guess that is why I could actually stand reading the book and watching the movie. A recommended film for those who like chick flicks. I am those people :p

Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight Saga - New Moon (How to become one)

First of all, I have to say, the crowd at Pavillion on the Eve of Aidil Adha/Raya Haji was INSANE. There were so many people, like I have never seen this much crowd before. It helps that Friday was a public holiday and Thursday was the premier of the New Moon movie in Malaysia, although some had watched on Wednesday night. It was packed to the brim.

The twilight series had a strong following, some even called it a cult (Miley Cyrus apparently hates Twilight and calls its fans a cult, wait.. so doesn't she have die hard fans who worship her totally..hmm I sense jealousy). Girls are practically worshipping Edward and now Jacob. Most guys in Malaysia can look like Jacob. You just have to cut your hair short like Jacobs, his already black, and you just need a bit of gel to shine it up a bit. Make sure you are clean shaven, and oh yes. get a trainer, hit the gym and diet like crazy. It took Taylor Lautner less than a year, to transform himself from slim to ripped. He has the same problems most skinny guys have, which was not being able to gain enough weight. (Bastards...). However with lost of weight training and kilos worth of protein shake, now you can have that same oooh, ahhh and giggles that girls and some guys (regardless of sexual orientation, most guys are amazed with another man's incredibly buff body). You can also be like Edward, just stay out of the sun or use Loreal Mens Expert White Activ range, to be as fair as you can be, then dye your head in a bronze colour, and use pomade for the messy look. You also must have the car, you can either get the Volvo C40 like what Edward had in the first film or get the Volvo XC60.

Whiter skin with Loreal Men's Expert White Activ

Freshlook Colourblends in Honey for that I just drank a whole cow's blood look.

Volvo C30 that retails at RM 215,500.00

Volvo XC60 T6 LE that retails at RM 360,000.00

No wonder girls love him so much. He has great skin, great eyes, very protective, very loving, has a nice car, and loyal to you for the rest of eternity. Gee.. you can get all of that except for the last part..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Banking Online

Banking made easy. Everything is online, heck you can even download an icon and do your banking using your phone. Even easier to know how much you have spend over the month. Tak sanggup tgk berapa duit dah burn

Pisau Bulan

New Moon is coming out on the 26th in Malaysia. Darn, I haven't read the second book yet, and we have all 4 of the book in our house courtesy of my sisters. The book is much better of course since it has much more details that had to be left out in the movie. Perhaps I will pick up the book later.

The Nicole and Paris of Malaysia. Panass, (That's hot). Oh my Dior, its a fun movie to watch, a bit slapstick because you laugh at their characters. Its a good looking movie since most of the actor and actress are models. A worthy Malay movie to watch, that is different from what is out there now, but one does wonder if they were planning to do a sequel with the same airheadness that is portrayed here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Making a bad decision is better than not making any decision at all.
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Sometimes, the more you look at the time the slower you get.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Perodua Alza

Wah, Alza, sedap nama, boleh bagi nama anak nih. Ia dikatakan telah di ambil dari perkataan Sepanyol iaitu Alza, yang bermaksud naik (boleh check kat google translate tau). Oleh itu, nama sebenar MPV Perodua ini adalahm Perodua Naik, jadi marilah kita naik Perodua Naik :D. Buat masa ini saya masih tidak dapat melihat MPV ini dengan lebih dekat, oleh itu saya akan menyenaraikan ciri-ciri yang terdapat di MPV ini.

  • Engin yang di gunakan sama jenis dengan Perodua Nautica, Toyota Avanza, dan Toyota Rush, tetapi engin Alza di buat di Malaysia.
  • Memuat 7 orang penumpang, tetapi seperti kebanyakkan MPV, 2 tempat duduk di belakang sesuai untuk mereka yang 163cm ke bawah.
  • Ada versi manual dan automatik untuk versi standard dan premium.
  • 6 warna pilihan, termasuk 3 warna metalik istimewa.
  • Di lengkapkan dengan 2 beg udara berkembar, ABS, BA dan EBD. Tempat duduk barisan kedua boleh di gerakkan ke depan atau kebelakang untuk memudahkan keluar masuk serta memberi tempat duduk kedua atau ketiga ruang kaki yang secukupnya. (Exora takde)
  • Harga dari RM 55,490 hingga RM 64,190

Serba sedikit perbandingan dengan Exora


  • Engin 1.6 liter Campro CPS/Engine 1.5 liter DVVT
  • 125 bhp pada 6500 RPM, 150 nm pada 4500 RPM/104 bhp pada 6000 RPM, 136 nm pada 4400 RPM
  • Besar/Kecil
  • 1442kg/1115kg
  • Di cipta mengunakan rangka baru yang menjadi asas pada model2 akan datang/Di cipta berdasarkan rangka sedia ada iaitu Myvi.
  • Original/Di ambil dari Daihatsu tetapi di reka semula di Malaysia
  • Ada saluran penghawa dingin ke tempat duduk belakang/Tiada saluran penghawa dingin ke tempat duduk belakang


Alza akan melebihi jualan Exora kerana ramai percaya quality Perodua lebih baik dari Proton, akan tetapi Exora lebih besar oleh itu lebih selesa di naiki 7 orang. Tetapi jualan Perodua secara umum lebih tinggi dari Proton. Myvi mengalahkan semua kenderaan Proton. Tetapi Saga secara umum jual lebih banyak dari Viva, tetapi Viva jual lebih banyak berbanding kereta Proton yang lain. Tetapi yang menjadi mangsa pastinya, Naza Citra, Toyota Avanza, dan Nissan Grand Livina, kerana sekarang mereka mepunyai lebih banyak persaing.

*nota kaki

pegi la test sendiri, dari dok mengutuk2 kan, dah test, nanti baru leh kutuk. okeh..

Perodua MPV Dah Keluar

I been getting an insane amount of hits on my blog because of that one post of the new Perodua MPV. I am on the number 3 list of the google search engine. CRAZY!!. The MPV is out now today, and most online websites are putting the story in at 5 pm. I think I will go camera snappy at the next Perodua outlet that shows the car. Terima kasih kerana sudi klik kat website yang penuh meroyan ini. Nanti saya tulis satu entry dalam bahasa Melayu, supaya semua orang boleh faham :D.... Nantikan nyaaaaa...


Go figure, I have the advatages of blogging mobile but haven' taken full advantage of it. Sometimes you do take things for granted and these things do happen. I did everything I wanted to do that I plan on Friday except ironing. I hate ironing I want that steamer to erase wrinkles. That would be easy.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Extended Wear

Another love hate relationship that I have is with contact lenses. They are god send creation for spectacles/glasses wearing individual. Contact lenses allow us to be free from the constraints of specs/glasses. No more wiping the lenses if you hands touches it, no more condensation forming on your lenses if you went out of a cold room, when you perspire the sweat won't drip into your eyes, when playing sports you can now have clear vision with out the frames cutting into your view, no worries about being knocked it the head and have your glasses flung out. Sometime specs/glasses wearers look are compromised by the thick frame or lenses. Yes they're lenses and frames that are thin, but these are incredibly expensive. Other contact lenses advantages is that some have UV coating in it to protect your eyes, some contact lenses now are made for people with astigmatism, while some are bifocals, meaning that those both far and near sighted, can also wear lenses. There are even lenses that acts a reading lenses to help those over 40 to read things more clearly. Another interesting thing with contact lenses, is that the ability for you to enhanced or change you eye color, with tinted or opaque lenses. Its a great way to update a look, look totally different, or just want something that only you can noticed. It beats coloring your hair since, coloring your hair just brings out the debate table on religious views on coloring (I am pro color).

However when you put it contact lenses, you must take them out. The eye are unique since it does not have a lymphatic vessel like the rest of the organ to send in white blood cells which are responsible to fight off infection. This means the eyes are very susceptible to infection. A soft, water permeable object that is placed on top of the cornea is a good breeding place for bacteria, fungus and parasites. Yes, that is what a contact lenses can do, a free hotel for breeding organisms.

There are days where you feel like you don't want or could wear contacts. Those include lazy days, or busy days. Lazy days are self explanatory, busy days means that you might have to wear contacts from 6.45am to 1.00am. That is almost 20 hours of wearing time, which double the recommendation time of wearing contact lenses. These are the days where you either not wear contacts at all, or you put it on later in the day, so that you could wear it through the rest of the night and morning fall.

However, each individual is different. Some people can wear their lenses at extended interval, and some can't. That is why the company will tell us, the lenses wearing time is based on your opthamologist (eye doctor) recommendation. One brand might work very well for you, but will not work as well for others.

This are just some of Extended Wear lenses that are available in Malaysia. These are extended based on the leaf inserts of the products that is available online

These are just some of the extended wear lenses that are available to us in Malaysia. Most of it is similar in features. They are tinted in blue, so that its easier to see it in contact lenses cases or if it falls to the ground. They have unique labels that show you if the lenses are inverted or inside out, if you find it hard to see whether the lenses curved inside or curved out (curve inside correct, curve out wrong side). All the lenses have oxygen permeability of at least 97% except for the Acuvue 2 which has oxygen permeability of 88%. The Acuvue range also has UV protection. Acuvue range are made to be disposed every 2 weeks, Air Optix and Soflens 38 are made to be worn for 1 months. All of these lenses are approved by the FDA to be worn overnight for up to 7 days. They allow such wearing time, because these are disposable lenses, meaning before anything to grow on the lenses, the lenses are thrown out, thus reducing the risk of infection. However it all depends on your personal eye doctor advice and your own comfort. For me, I like to take it out each night, but sometimes if you are out, you just don't have the convenience of taking them out and wearing glasses so, the option of wearing it overnight every now and then is very appealing

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Things that happen :-
2012 the movie is great,
Pisau Cukur is great,
Lab result is great,
Cool weather is great,
New shirt is great,
Friends are great.

Brother is the most rotten piece of shit god has ever created in order to put in perspective that bitchy sister and moody dad are actually a blessing compared to that dumb fuck.
Labwork is not done yet
Thesis is not done yet
Still feeling moody
Rarely blog anymore

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


You should never been born. Heck, why the heck were you in the family anyway, maybe you should be dead, and our other brother was alive. You do nothing, you produce nothing, just you and your sucky band, that pathetic pseudo emo kids listen. You pathethic shit head. You have this protective Halo, that I am more happy to burst, when the time comes. Baru kau tahu tinggi langit dan bumi kan, celaka...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got The Band

Finally, I got the wanted DNA band, which means the restriction enzymes has done its job, which means the DNA that I needed has been cut from the plasmid that I have inserted it in. If all goes well, I will cut that 789 band and then move on to the next step. If I am not mistaken I will transformed into into pCDNA + plasmid/vector.

Extended Wear Lenses

I want these lenses. Why? because these are extended wear lenses that is certified by the FDA. These lenses are made from a material that allows you to sleep in them for up to 30 nights. How great is that, to be free from putting it in and taking it off each day, or to be able to just sleep anytime you want with out fear of going blind. However it is recommended that you take it out at least once a week or whenever your eyes feels uncomfortable. This is the next best thing than LASIK surgery. Its cheaper on the short run but LASIK is cheaper for the long run. If you have large sum of money upfront, you can go LASIK, if you don't, these lenses are good. Hmm to be able to sleep in them, and not worry at all. WHOA!! This is my must list to buy. Too bad they don't do much advertisement on it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hmm well, this is the gel, that I told people that I was running. The gel itself is made from agarose, almost similar to the one we made kuih at kenduri (the red rose syrup flavoured). When I say running the gel, I meant running electricity through at a desired voltage. I am checking on my DNA to see if it has been cut properly. We used enzymes that is sourced from bacteria to cut the DNA. The first and last lane are the marker to show us the weight of the DNA. The DNA that was cut, and separated is the one that weigh the less or the one that travelled down the most. As you can see, there is band down on the lanes, which means the DNA has been successfully cut. Sorry for being so slow, but I think this turned out okay, despite the marker band lanes are not separated nicely. So far the weight of the DNA is close to what I need. I think this is what Wendy and Dr Syahril wants, I am still bit worried about the DNA marker though.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


There is always a music for every feeling right. Instead of writing many emo crap, let the music tell you how I feel

Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes.

One of my favourite Kelly Clarkson songs. I loved it the first time I heard it. It had a very rockish vibe to it. something, great to listen when feeling down. I love the chorus.

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright
For once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside

Mika, its not an artist I usually here on a daily basis, but his song "Happy Ending" is like a sarcastic view of an ending relationship. I am not into his crazy falseto thing but it works nicely here

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.

How about, being sick of it, and saying its not all that pretty anymore, and that you seen it coming already. It shows that you had to much of a good thing, and you are not hungover. Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk, says it so well


Sometimes I feel so stupid, so I fake being smart. Sometimes I feel so unloved, so I fake being lovable. Sometimes I feel ugly, so I fake being damn good looking. Sometimes I feel fat, I fake there is more to love. Sometimes I feel so insecure but I fake being confident. Sounds like my life is a fake, but then if you fake it often enough it becomes real, so its good enough for me. However sometimes it feels not good enough.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just right

I hate having to groom. Even though I been writing about lotions and stuff, no one really knows if you have put on any. Things that people usually see are the things I just feel so lazy to do. Shaving the so called facial hair, getting haircuts every months, washing my scalp everyday, ironing clothes, altering clothes, shining shoes, washing shoes. Everything that people see, things that people judge you thr first minute they see you. In my perfect world, everybody will wear big wrinkled clothes, unkept hair, thick plastic glasses, unshaven face, ugly shoes but they will smell incredibly nice.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes It Is

Yes boys and girls, its one of those emo, luahan hati post yet again.. This has to be a record of some sort. Eh, how can I help it. Thing are going crazy all at once. We are bound to be emo right. Good thing this blog is not solely to generate money. hohoh, beside that was never the point anyway. Just a place for me to let off some steam or share whatever I feel is interesting to you. I had some informative post up, but the emo part of me got the best of me. Fret not, just bare with me for a few post yeah.

Late Again

I use to think that coming to the lab late benefits me because I get more zzz time. However it ends up that my mother benefits its the most. More talk time for her to talk about anything, easier for her to ask me to go an errand, pay the bills, pay the credit cards etc. It does not happen each day, but it sure helps her release her burden every now and then. I am not slackin off guys, its all about the family. Only if you don't treat your house like a hotel and your mum like a maid. Try living with your parents, and you will know what I mean.
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Monday, November 2, 2009


My parents are getting old. Even though they look pretty same to me, especially with my mothers darken and rebonded hair. I see my mother is getting slower and less fussy. Sometimes the house is not as clean as I known for years. Things grow, animals comes in. My dad get crabbier and more easily irritated. He gets tired and his whole body aches which makes them more irritated. I feel I am the only one that sees this. My sisters is busy with work, the other sister is at perak, the other is too young. My other brother is busy with with his music soul searching thing. Even now, they are going to the hospital yet again. My mother has numbness in her hands now whic I hope she goes and check. Sigh. Life is now on some weird shifting mode. Here I am now at the workshop waiting for my turn to get the car repaired. These are the days that I am happier riding my bike. Its more dangerous, and you are exposed to the sun but at least it cost peanuts to maintain. Perhaps a Saga B line or Viva 850 cc is much cheaper to pay each month. I love cars but only if it does not take this much time to maintain. The car is like my parents, its old, its comfortable, nostalgic, slow sometimes, temperamental, hard to find spare parts, needs check up each months. Sigh I need to finish my thesis. Since I am running out of funds, time and sanity.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Choice

Lately people have been saying my faced looked swollen or tired. I wonder if its a bad choice of skin care product or poor emotional handling. Hmm, it seems like its a combination of both. I guess its time to get a new skin care product. To Watson/Guardian/Caring we go...