Monday, November 2, 2009


My parents are getting old. Even though they look pretty same to me, especially with my mothers darken and rebonded hair. I see my mother is getting slower and less fussy. Sometimes the house is not as clean as I known for years. Things grow, animals comes in. My dad get crabbier and more easily irritated. He gets tired and his whole body aches which makes them more irritated. I feel I am the only one that sees this. My sisters is busy with work, the other sister is at perak, the other is too young. My other brother is busy with with his music soul searching thing. Even now, they are going to the hospital yet again. My mother has numbness in her hands now whic I hope she goes and check. Sigh. Life is now on some weird shifting mode. Here I am now at the workshop waiting for my turn to get the car repaired. These are the days that I am happier riding my bike. Its more dangerous, and you are exposed to the sun but at least it cost peanuts to maintain. Perhaps a Saga B line or Viva 850 cc is much cheaper to pay each month. I love cars but only if it does not take this much time to maintain. The car is like my parents, its old, its comfortable, nostalgic, slow sometimes, temperamental, hard to find spare parts, needs check up each months. Sigh I need to finish my thesis. Since I am running out of funds, time and sanity.
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