Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extended Wear Lenses

I want these lenses. Why? because these are extended wear lenses that is certified by the FDA. These lenses are made from a material that allows you to sleep in them for up to 30 nights. How great is that, to be free from putting it in and taking it off each day, or to be able to just sleep anytime you want with out fear of going blind. However it is recommended that you take it out at least once a week or whenever your eyes feels uncomfortable. This is the next best thing than LASIK surgery. Its cheaper on the short run but LASIK is cheaper for the long run. If you have large sum of money upfront, you can go LASIK, if you don't, these lenses are good. Hmm to be able to sleep in them, and not worry at all. WHOA!! This is my must list to buy. Too bad they don't do much advertisement on it.
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