Saturday, February 21, 2015



I can't believe how many times I would mumble I really hate everyone. I mean I do, but I don't. Get me? It's confusing to be inside my head, its even more confusing when it feels so incredibly hot. It's the dry season again as I write and the temperature is just too hot. It does not help that I just came back from Winter.

It's kinda sad though, that some parts of northern USA is experiencing a heavy blizzard to point that it is comical and life threatening. You seldom die due to hot weather because you can just open the window and have some water to keep dehydrated. In the cold, you will die!!! and even with all that padding, if your body temperature does not increased, or warm up, you probably die still.

Oh the horror.

I loved the dry cool Seoul weather, but the temperature dropped to a -12 Celsius and that is just bone chilling. I felt that I could withstand it, if I had a proper jacket. The one I had on seemed perfect for fall or something.

Maybe all this hate is due to that travel euphoria that just died. Ergh..Now I am getting ready to buy a house and already I felt the pinch. I guess I have to live in my parents home. I don't want to. It's time to spread my wings. There are just something I just don't want to be responsible too.

Really grown up right...


Who knows right, It's still to hot as I am typing and I think my wrist is busted or something

My final erghhh

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I plan to move into my own house soon, at least when I think I will be doing it. As of writing, I still haven't finished with the loan. I think I am going to list down things that needs to be buy for me to fully enjoy my home. It's kinda scary actually. I am buying a really expensive home relative to my pay. It's about MYR 255k. That seemed expensive but in reality it's the cheapest home among a group of colleagues that are buying houses at the same time too. So I like to fantasize a lot, so I am going to plan what are the things I think I need to have in my house when I plan to live there on my own. These are literally the basics. I plan to shop at two places which is SenQ and Ikea.SenQ is nice because there is a extra warranty of the products, so its a better piece of mind for me. Maybe Ikea won't be on my list because I do think the stuff there is relatively expensive, but we will see


Fridge RM 1,300
Stove RM 200
Microwave  RM 200
Oven Toaster RM 100
Rice Cooker RM 100
Washing machine RM 1300

Living room

TV RM 1000


Heater RM 500


AC RM 1600

Those are excluding fans, light fixtures and grills
Ceiling fans should cost me around RM 150 each, I suspect I will be needing at least 2. One for the master bedroom and the other one for the living room. Maybe I will add another one for the dining area, but who knows.
The grill to cover my windows and front doors should set me back around RM 5k. I'll think I will leave about RM 3k for lights or less. Just simple light fixtures. I plan to keep the house relatively basic. I might opt out for a basic kitchen top, but who knows, if I don';t have enough money, I won't do it, if the it annoys my eyes a lot I might just do

Now lets go to Ikea and find out how much I can spend. I might have trouble here, because Ikea dos not deliver to Nilai. So lets just pick up pieces that I know can't fit in my future car.


Bed RM 300
Mattress RM 1000
Sheets RM 200
Pillow RM 200
Closet and Cupboard RM500

Living room

Couch RM 1500
Small table  RM 30


Tables RM 300
Chairs, RM 100


Lol..none maybe... use some banquet tables or something...

My romanticized version of moving in is my house will only need to have

Hanging rack

This would cost me around 3k? That is the minimum amount, that I could definitely live day by day, the rest of the stuff can be bough slowly and surely.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So much on my mind

There is just so much on my mine, that there is nothing left in it. I just got back from a wonderful vacation and thank goodness for an extra two day off so that I can readjust myself. Sudden;y everything is just so irradiating. I swear to god, I might just punch someone. I am feeling a bit off, not sure why. I just want to sit in my room and listen to sad songs.

Maybe the high from that overseas trip just brought me down to earth hard. Maybe, or I am just being a little bitch. At least one thing is for sure, I did something new with my messy room. I finally found use for my Ikea lamp that I bought years ago.

This new laptop that I bought using credit, has a red on black keyboard. This little shit is almost invisible in my room. I almost regret not getting the MSI tablet because even though it is more expensive with a slightly lower graphic card, the damn thing has a lighted keyboard. Just like those expensive Macbook computers.

This laptop is only 2999 MYR, you can't even get a Macbook Pro with that money, but you do get the 11inch 128gb Macbook Air. I guess if you are just typing, surfing Internet and watching movies, it should be fine. However I wanted something more.,

Ah well, no point in crying over spoiled milked. Fake that confidence and soldier on!

Feeling very hot, maybe I will change it, into those LED bulb that does not emit this much heat