Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bigger but not better.

Hmm I been changing my workout regime. I started to lift more weights and reduced my time of the cross trainer and more time on the threadmill. What do I get? Well, like articles I have been reading. I am an endomorph since I am rather stout, have a big skull, relatively small hands and feet and big bone. However I do have some mesomorph features which is my shoulder is wider than my hips, which mean I do have the natural V shape that is very appealing to all. Well one thing that is similar to both body type is that people with these two body types can gain muscle easily... Sure or not... So I decided to give it a go..Well sure enough.. it was true. Some of the sleaves of my shirt is a bit tight now, I even felt shirt was a bit tight in the chest area.. True enough even though my pants are a bit loose since I my hips and thighs are smaller (hips don't lie... :p) and I have been going to the gym more often, I gained a 2kg. My mother and my friend both said I got bigger... :-(.... Oh crap... the articles were true.. yes, I can gain muscle easily but as an endomorph that includes fat.. sigh.... So I have to get back to my former routine, which was cardio, cardio, more cardio and lots of it. Did I mention more cardio...

I have to join this furry little friend that I gotten on the internet. Run and run and more running!!!

Sea Kittens

What are sea kittens, I mean we have Sea Lion (lions are a type of cat) but sea kittens? are they baby sea lions? Nope. PETA (People of Ethical Treatment of Animal) said we should rename fish as sea kittens. I thought it was so stupid to do this type of public service announcement. I accidentally found this video on YouTube. This girl took the words right out of my mouth..

Sea Kittens.. OMG!!! WTF!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Now I know, it was not just the extra weights I had yesterday that caused me to be all drowsy and tired today. It was food poisoning. Not just me, but my siblings too except for the cow (older sister). We had stomach ache, "wind", nauseous, diarrhea. My youngest sister developed a slight fever because of this. We all concluded it was my mother's sambal daging. I though it was the left over Assam pedas, but my mother had loads of it and did not have any symptoms. Well at least that nauseous feeling and that constant trip to the toilet had a root cause.

Facebook is in Malay now but the translation can be weird. Pancutkan Isteri?



Weights lifting is very important in ones health. It makes your bones stronger, allows you to carry heavy objects and it increases your resting metabolic rate. It also looks very appealing to have a toned body and sculpted body. I have started lifting weights more often now because I think it will be very practical in real life (carrying potted plants, carpets, cooking gas tanks, my laptop). You never know when you suddenly need that extra strength to perform a certain task. I started with 5kg dumbell, but now I have move on to 7kg. My biceps and triceps are underdeveloped because I tend to carry heavy objects using my torso. That is why according the fancy weight machine, I do have a lot of muscle in my body, but most of it is at my torso. Well, so far 7kg has been quite tough for my arms and shoulders, but somehow I feel its too easy for my chest. So out of curiosity I tried 10kg weights. That means 20kg (10kg dumbell on each hand) or about 44 pounds. The first thing that comes in my mind is that 10kg was the weight of a bag of rice my family use to buy (now we only get the 5kg packet, but only because the brand of Basmati rice my mum likes to use comes only in 5kg bags). Its like, cool, I can lift 10kg of rice. I don't want to hurt myself so I make sure to stop when I feel strained. Heee did that felt good. When doing the 10kg dumbells it felt like the first day I lifted weights. I really felt it on my chest. The pleasure only lasted till I went to sleep, and then I woke up feeling very sore. Hik.. when that serves me right for going a bit extreme. Next time I will increase the weights to 8kg for the chest to really give it a good workout.

This is my favourite cardio machine in the gym. This is the elliptical machine or cross trainer. Its great because the fluid motion of the machine (its like cycling but only standing up) is gentle on the joints. The trainer said this machine is particularly hard since you have to keep moving or the machine will shutdown, but I find it easy to do. I could easily burn at least 500 calories in 45 minutes (I usually try to go for 700). However one drawback of using this machine is that its not practical in real life. What I mean is, do you actually walk or run in a fluid motion like the machine? I find it harder to walk up the stairs or cycling on the stationary bike (both are exercise that one normally does in real life). I could only burn 300 calories on a treadmill or stationary bicycle. All 3 exercise work and focus different parts of the legs. I am very used to the cardio machine and I could go on the machine longer than most people can., but not sure if I can coped with the highest setting yet. ( I did but only for a short while). I plan to alternate between all 3 so I could get the best training of all three. However the elliptical machine wins hands down for me for burning the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. I also read that a good cardio workout is when you work 60-80% of your maximum heart rate, so I plan to pay close attention to the heart monitor from now on to get a better workout.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fat Cow

Fat cow, yup a fat cow. Say this to any woman, you are sure to piss her off. Somehow, woman in general hate to affiliated to this animal (today is the year of the Ox in Chinese calendar). The looks, the udders (tits) or just the large size of the animal is not appealing to them. Call any woman a fat cow you are bound to get them agitated, just how a bull is agitated. I am known in my house for my potty mouth (a term for those who swear a lot), nor can I say any other derogatory terms for those are intellectually challenged or a female dog. So a fat cow is perfect really. My siblings were laughing and my mum kept mum (pun intended) about it, but the target (my sister) was pissed off. So pissed off she did not want to join our trip to camp out near the stream with my mum's side of the family. It helps that she was having her period, so she is easily agitated. I am sorry, but having your period does not mean you can be rude to me nor you can try to mock me. Its a universal known fact that I am always right and I will always win. I mean I learned from the best (my sister) on taunting your siblings till the point that they cry. (Ah... siblings fights during our primary school years). Silly girl (cow) haven't you learned anything yet, I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sailor Chibi Moon vs Shin Chan

Sorry, I have not been updating regularly :(, so many things to write down and tell the world but so many things I need to do :D. I bet most of you have seen sailormoon before right. That Japanese anime with girls in short2 sailor suits that represents all the planet of the solar system.

But I never knew Shin Chan was in the same era as Sailor moon. :p Just watch

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tugu Negara

I had vague memories about visiting this national monument. I felt I have been there, but perhaps around 20 years ago. Tugu Negara a monument where we pay respect to those who fought against the Communist. I felt a chill down my spine when visiting this monument. I mean without these people we would have been a communist state like Cuba and China.
These people fought with their lives in order for us to be completely free. My history is pretty rusty but I remembered the communist era was really bad. I mean even though we were colonized by the British, all the wanted was just our resources, Japanese did almost the same, but of them usually kept our faith and most of our way of life to our selves. The communist however want a radical change. No royalty, no religion, and everybody is equal. That is something all of the people back then would not take. So we fought gruesomely and won. So these monument is for those who lost their life so we could finally be free. So many sacrifices were made by the Malay, Chinese and Indian so that we could have what we have today. Yet there is always parties who wants to rip the ties our forefather made in the past.

It was weird since I was the only Malay or Malaysian at the Tugu Negara. The rest were tourist happily snapping pictures. Too bad there was no one to tell them the story of this monument

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up in the Sky

I had an invitation to attend a gathering among friends in KL. They live in those fancy residential building. I mean it has to be fancy if you got a waiting lobby in your residential building.

We had a BBQ at the pool area, and what a pool area it is. It has those infinity pool where the pool is design that it look like it could flow forever (infinity)

One section of the pool had the walls had clear reinforced glass walls. So cool, I saw once on TV, a Loft in New York, had similar type of pool but it had clear reinforced glass floors on the edge.

The pool faced KLCC, how amazing is that.

See, proof that I was there :D. I wonder if my sister is working, she could have seen me here :p.

The weather was great, it hot but yet there was a cool breeze. Plus the pool we were in were quite cold. Okay I lied, it was freezing!!!! We either had to swim or huddled together (those who can't had to huddled together)

The view from my friend house was amazing too. You can see the KLCC Convention Centre and the surrounding buildings. I love the view from high above :).

Since they lived right in KL, jam are the norm, even if its 12am :p. I had a great time meeting new and old friends, swimming, playing pool games, laughing my heart out (till I got a stomach cramp) and eating good food. Sorry no photos because I feel people need their privacy (actually I was swimming and eating all the time so no time to click2 here and their, somemore my friends had DSLR camera which beats my VGA phone :D) I had so much ginger ale, I am still burping till now :). A special thanks to my dear friend who invited me to your wonderful home. Thank you to all who was there and made the event even more successfull It was fun meeting all of you again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The longest commercial ever...

Yup the longest commercial ever is about 3 hours long. The commercial is title Australia. Some say its kinda of cruel to say this movie is a commercial, but if you watched you will agree. Instead of Sydney's Opera house, kangaroos, crocodiles and koala, the movie shows the desserts and the outback of the Land Down Under, which is very refreshing. Okay, they did show a couple of kangaroos hopping happily around, but then it got shot. Instead they focus on cows (yumm steak!!!) instead of sheeps (yum lamb chops!!!) and cowboys and Aborigines. Despite the ratings, its a really beautiful movie to watch. Its also refreshing to see another side of World War 2, where Australia is being attacked by Japan. I don't think that part of the war is told that much in the media. Hugh Jackman is totally ripped in this movie, there is even a scene where he wet and half naked. Nicole Kidman however was fully clothed most of the time. Perhaps he was preparing for his role in the new X men movie, Wolverine. The boy who played the half white half Aborigines child was excellent, he really knows how to play the character. I give this movie a 7/10. Not bad, but its 3 hour long so you better get a jacket, or load up on snacks :).

Monday, January 12, 2009

5 movies I liked

This a tag that I have been meaning to do. I like to watch movies at the cinema. There are so many good ones along the crappy ones. Khapeace tagged me on some of the movies I like, there is just too many of it to list down :D.

I love this movie and I love Dori!!! She is so funny. I love how Ellen who lends her voice to Dori, plays the goofy, forgetfull and honest fish. There is just so many scene with Dori that I loved "Es Ka peh, hmm you know this sign sounds likes "escape" ROTFL LMAO!!!!

Transformers.. come on lah, what is not too loved. These are the cartoons I grew up with. I watched it twice :D.

Hello!! Cars, cool dudes, hot chicks.. and NICE CARS!!!! Of all the cars in the movie, I grew quite fond to the pink Honda S2000 that Suki (Devon Aoki) drives :p. Sure its not the fastest of the 4 main cars, but still I really like it :). I love in the first part of the movie where she was behind the red Mazda Rx7 who won't just budge. "Move b@%$h!!!" hehehehe, I am afraid those who ride with me, will know I will swear like that :p, and I drive a small black Viva :D.

I thought this was a sweet movie. How fairy tales fares in real life :D. I love it, I watched it twice and got most of the soundtrack :D. "Ever every after, each happy ending is a brand new beginning" :D

Even though many people did not like this movie (I hate the ending and how the almost dead girl could sprint 100 meters and carry a guy), but I love how the shot it in first person view. Very different, very unique. I LOVE IT..

One of the few movies that could really make me cry :(. I love it :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In da phone..

These are snapshots I took with my phone. Somehow I am worried if I take the memory card out so much that it would spoiled it. I mean the one came with the phone already gone bust so I had to get a new one. Not bad, Rm 23 for a 2gb micro SD.

I got a haircut at this new place at The Mines. They provided student rates there if you show them your student ID or matrix card. Rm 15 for cut and wash. Not bad lah. I seem to get a different short hair everytime I get a haircut :p.
I went to The Curve with a friend for the first time. He hails from a far away place called Johor and he said he never been to the Damansara area. Its my first time to be at The Curve, I always just go direct to IKEA :D (my favourite store). There is this one RM 5 shop which sells Japanese stuff (but most are made in China and Indonesia.. go figure..). They sell lots of quirky and usefull Japanese stuff, but seriously this toy has to be ridiculous or very kinky. Its a blow up baloon to be placed on your chest. You give it a squeeze and it will inflate to give you a fuller bust. I get it if its for a girl, but the illustration on the box shows a guy who is bored so he place these baloon in his shirt and gave it a squeeze so he could have fun.....!!!! :-o

Hmm I got my sisters this Twilight book. Strangely there were plenty of it on the display. Last time people were scowering for the books. I guess the craziness has worn off (or the people who wanted the book has the book already)

What is this? I went to a friend's house and he got the same thing stuck on his gate...

Love these cheesecup cakes at The Loaf in Pavillion

Went to Sg Gabai with a couple of friends. Nice place. I did not bathe there but I just sat on the rock like a lizard. It was so nice and cool. You can just sleep here.

The only pussy I see up close and personal. Just a friendly cat when I helped my friends during his rounds of collecting his ovitrap.

Cool hair dudes, what wax did you use? These cool looking guinea pigs with funky hair are of the many animals in the brand new pet shop in The Mines Shopping centre.

Hmm a pet lizard. Something interesting but not cuddly to pet.

Can anyone tell me what car this is?

Believe it or not, this is a Porche. It looks weird right, this is because it is one of the rare model with the engines in front. This is a Porsche 944, a 1980 model. I seen a couple of these models on the road. A unique Porsche since traditionally they are rear engine rear wheel cars.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bedtime Stories

What if the stories you told during bedtime, manifest themselves in real life. This is what happened to handyman Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) when tells a bedtime story to his non TV watching, non playing video game, non burger or sugar eating nephew Patrick (Jonathan Morgan Heit) and niece, Bobbi (Laura Ann Kesling). Skeeter takes care of his nephew while his sister Wendy (Courteney Cox Arquette) is looking for a job in another state. Wendy's Prius driving friend Jill (Keri Russel) takes care of the children during the day. As usual if you want to know the rest about this movie, you probably read the wrong blog :p. I gave this movie a typical 9/10. A typical Disney movie with all the feel good fuzzy feeling to make the world a happier place, but with a different twist. Adam Sandler is known to make really funny movies, (he produces this one) but most of his jokes are not something parent nor Disney want to have their children to listen. However in this movie, you can clearly see the Adam Sandler that we love in his other movies without compromising Disney's credibility as a family movie maker. Heck, we even had Rob Schneider cameo role in, just like any other movie Adam Sandler is in.
I like this movie a lot, although I never had anyone read me a bedtime story but I do know the power of imagination. Nothing like making a story up with weird story lines and twist. I love to do that when I did my English essay during SPM. A happy ending is always something nice to have, although cynical and pessimist would like to differ. Imagination is limitless when you are child or child at heart. Sometimes we should just let children be children and let them explore the world in their own view.
One I noticed (probably me or any other car addicts) is the two Prius in the movie, the new version, the older version and the Prius signboard. There is even a joke about converting a truck into biodiesel (diesel made by mixing vegetable oil into diesel or 100% vegetable oil. much cleaner than regular diesel and can be reproduced again), it seem I was the only one laughing, since I knew what that one

The Loaf

The Loaf is a up class bakery in Pavillion KL. It faced the entrance of Starhill Galery, just right out of Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

My friend and I sat outside to have our dessert and luckily there was a mini concert outside of Pavillion. The launch of the new N95 phone.

These are what we came in for. These are cheesecake in a cup. The last two row is Chocolate and Durian, two cups in front of it is Strawberry and urm.. regular cheese??? cause it has a light fluffy topping, and the cups in front are Blueberry and Green Tea. The cheesecake is very light and smooth which makes it perfect for those who don't like the heavy powering taste of regular cheese cakes. You won't fell "muak" when eating this. The Green Tea nice with real Japanese green tea powder used, so it has a mild bitter tea taste that tea lovers like. I much prefer Strawberry cheese anytime, the strawberry used is quite fresh from my point of view.

All, gone, all yummy!!. My friend told me this bakery is part owned by Dr Mahathir and a friend of ours. This bakery has a Japanese influence on the way they make and prepared the bread if I am not mistaken. I bought some bread for my mum, and she loved it.

Its the year of the Ox, and Pavilion decorated its front entrance with a large golden Ox and few urmm... red trees?? I am not sure what trees they are :p

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lab time

I been scouring the minus -30 freezer for reagents for my thesis. Hopefully they are still usable

We had a lab meeting at noon and after that Prof Wan wanted to buy us all lunch.

Again, we (myself) were sitting against the light..

It was nice to see the lecturer out of their lab or class mode.

As usual, the use to be 5, now 4 (Kak Ruhil is back in her hometown, she already finished her thesis). Hmm love the lunches, not because its free, but its a good way to bond with everyone in the department.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parasite Lab Lunch

Dr Malina, my medical helminthology lecturer treated all of us at parasite lab to lunch. Our other staff that is furthering his study in the UK. Mr Roslaini (soon to be Dr Roslaini) is going back to the UK after a few weeks in Malaysia

From the furthest person, Mr Ros talking, Dr Ngah listening, Kak Hanim nodding.

Prof Wan, my supervisor, Dr Malina, Kak Ruhil's and Zouk's supervisor, and Dr Rukman, Rai's supervisor.

Sorry Rai, you were in front on the light, I can't get a clearer picture of you.

Forget my fake smile, I am just really hungry... :p

Zouk's is just plain blur, he just enrolled for masters even though he has been an RA for 6 months. Welcome to the post grad club.. muehehehe.. :D

More stories. .. I paid no attention.. still hungry :D

Finally makan!!!. This is kampung fried chicken. It can also mean free range chicken raised without antibiotics and can also be fed organically.

Jantung pisang and paku pakis... in english... err Banana heart and nails... :D. (the brown one is part of a banana tree that is shaped like a heart and is red when not cooked, the green one is just leafy vegetable)

Tom Yum..
Forgotten to take picture of the Gulai Kawah (curry cooked kampung style). Thank you Dr Malina for this wonderful lunch.. Next.. Prof Wan's is treating us all lunch :D