Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bedtime Stories

What if the stories you told during bedtime, manifest themselves in real life. This is what happened to handyman Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) when tells a bedtime story to his non TV watching, non playing video game, non burger or sugar eating nephew Patrick (Jonathan Morgan Heit) and niece, Bobbi (Laura Ann Kesling). Skeeter takes care of his nephew while his sister Wendy (Courteney Cox Arquette) is looking for a job in another state. Wendy's Prius driving friend Jill (Keri Russel) takes care of the children during the day. As usual if you want to know the rest about this movie, you probably read the wrong blog :p. I gave this movie a typical 9/10. A typical Disney movie with all the feel good fuzzy feeling to make the world a happier place, but with a different twist. Adam Sandler is known to make really funny movies, (he produces this one) but most of his jokes are not something parent nor Disney want to have their children to listen. However in this movie, you can clearly see the Adam Sandler that we love in his other movies without compromising Disney's credibility as a family movie maker. Heck, we even had Rob Schneider cameo role in, just like any other movie Adam Sandler is in.
I like this movie a lot, although I never had anyone read me a bedtime story but I do know the power of imagination. Nothing like making a story up with weird story lines and twist. I love to do that when I did my English essay during SPM. A happy ending is always something nice to have, although cynical and pessimist would like to differ. Imagination is limitless when you are child or child at heart. Sometimes we should just let children be children and let them explore the world in their own view.
One I noticed (probably me or any other car addicts) is the two Prius in the movie, the new version, the older version and the Prius signboard. There is even a joke about converting a truck into biodiesel (diesel made by mixing vegetable oil into diesel or 100% vegetable oil. much cleaner than regular diesel and can be reproduced again), it seem I was the only one laughing, since I knew what that one
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