Saturday, January 3, 2009

Find me in the lab

Aaaaa.. I wanna go home..
I am in the lab on Saturday. No.. I am not that diligent, but its just that I have been missing a few workdays. So I have to come on Saturday to do my research. No matter right, plenty of people have to work on weekends and public holiday. I mean, you just have to do it in order to get it done, or make sometime to slack off or have fun later. 4th semester.. supposedly the last semester. I really do want it to be my last semester, but judging on how I spend my time, its going to be a tough call.. Very tough indeed... However I had fun on weekdays night, so its not so bad.. On silver staining, on comasine blue staining, on SDS gel.. lets make this a good weekend..
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