Monday, January 12, 2009

5 movies I liked

This a tag that I have been meaning to do. I like to watch movies at the cinema. There are so many good ones along the crappy ones. Khapeace tagged me on some of the movies I like, there is just too many of it to list down :D.

I love this movie and I love Dori!!! She is so funny. I love how Ellen who lends her voice to Dori, plays the goofy, forgetfull and honest fish. There is just so many scene with Dori that I loved "Es Ka peh, hmm you know this sign sounds likes "escape" ROTFL LMAO!!!!

Transformers.. come on lah, what is not too loved. These are the cartoons I grew up with. I watched it twice :D.

Hello!! Cars, cool dudes, hot chicks.. and NICE CARS!!!! Of all the cars in the movie, I grew quite fond to the pink Honda S2000 that Suki (Devon Aoki) drives :p. Sure its not the fastest of the 4 main cars, but still I really like it :). I love in the first part of the movie where she was behind the red Mazda Rx7 who won't just budge. "Move b@%$h!!!" hehehehe, I am afraid those who ride with me, will know I will swear like that :p, and I drive a small black Viva :D.

I thought this was a sweet movie. How fairy tales fares in real life :D. I love it, I watched it twice and got most of the soundtrack :D. "Ever every after, each happy ending is a brand new beginning" :D

Even though many people did not like this movie (I hate the ending and how the almost dead girl could sprint 100 meters and carry a guy), but I love how the shot it in first person view. Very different, very unique. I LOVE IT..

One of the few movies that could really make me cry :(. I love it :D
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