Sunday, January 11, 2009

In da phone..

These are snapshots I took with my phone. Somehow I am worried if I take the memory card out so much that it would spoiled it. I mean the one came with the phone already gone bust so I had to get a new one. Not bad, Rm 23 for a 2gb micro SD.

I got a haircut at this new place at The Mines. They provided student rates there if you show them your student ID or matrix card. Rm 15 for cut and wash. Not bad lah. I seem to get a different short hair everytime I get a haircut :p.
I went to The Curve with a friend for the first time. He hails from a far away place called Johor and he said he never been to the Damansara area. Its my first time to be at The Curve, I always just go direct to IKEA :D (my favourite store). There is this one RM 5 shop which sells Japanese stuff (but most are made in China and Indonesia.. go figure..). They sell lots of quirky and usefull Japanese stuff, but seriously this toy has to be ridiculous or very kinky. Its a blow up baloon to be placed on your chest. You give it a squeeze and it will inflate to give you a fuller bust. I get it if its for a girl, but the illustration on the box shows a guy who is bored so he place these baloon in his shirt and gave it a squeeze so he could have fun.....!!!! :-o

Hmm I got my sisters this Twilight book. Strangely there were plenty of it on the display. Last time people were scowering for the books. I guess the craziness has worn off (or the people who wanted the book has the book already)

What is this? I went to a friend's house and he got the same thing stuck on his gate...

Love these cheesecup cakes at The Loaf in Pavillion

Went to Sg Gabai with a couple of friends. Nice place. I did not bathe there but I just sat on the rock like a lizard. It was so nice and cool. You can just sleep here.

The only pussy I see up close and personal. Just a friendly cat when I helped my friends during his rounds of collecting his ovitrap.

Cool hair dudes, what wax did you use? These cool looking guinea pigs with funky hair are of the many animals in the brand new pet shop in The Mines Shopping centre.

Hmm a pet lizard. Something interesting but not cuddly to pet.

Can anyone tell me what car this is?

Believe it or not, this is a Porche. It looks weird right, this is because it is one of the rare model with the engines in front. This is a Porsche 944, a 1980 model. I seen a couple of these models on the road. A unique Porsche since traditionally they are rear engine rear wheel cars.

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