Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up in the Sky

I had an invitation to attend a gathering among friends in KL. They live in those fancy residential building. I mean it has to be fancy if you got a waiting lobby in your residential building.

We had a BBQ at the pool area, and what a pool area it is. It has those infinity pool where the pool is design that it look like it could flow forever (infinity)

One section of the pool had the walls had clear reinforced glass walls. So cool, I saw once on TV, a Loft in New York, had similar type of pool but it had clear reinforced glass floors on the edge.

The pool faced KLCC, how amazing is that.

See, proof that I was there :D. I wonder if my sister is working, she could have seen me here :p.

The weather was great, it hot but yet there was a cool breeze. Plus the pool we were in were quite cold. Okay I lied, it was freezing!!!! We either had to swim or huddled together (those who can't had to huddled together)

The view from my friend house was amazing too. You can see the KLCC Convention Centre and the surrounding buildings. I love the view from high above :).

Since they lived right in KL, jam are the norm, even if its 12am :p. I had a great time meeting new and old friends, swimming, playing pool games, laughing my heart out (till I got a stomach cramp) and eating good food. Sorry no photos because I feel people need their privacy (actually I was swimming and eating all the time so no time to click2 here and their, somemore my friends had DSLR camera which beats my VGA phone :D) I had so much ginger ale, I am still burping till now :). A special thanks to my dear friend who invited me to your wonderful home. Thank you to all who was there and made the event even more successfull It was fun meeting all of you again.
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