Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parasite Lab Lunch

Dr Malina, my medical helminthology lecturer treated all of us at parasite lab to lunch. Our other staff that is furthering his study in the UK. Mr Roslaini (soon to be Dr Roslaini) is going back to the UK after a few weeks in Malaysia

From the furthest person, Mr Ros talking, Dr Ngah listening, Kak Hanim nodding.

Prof Wan, my supervisor, Dr Malina, Kak Ruhil's and Zouk's supervisor, and Dr Rukman, Rai's supervisor.

Sorry Rai, you were in front on the light, I can't get a clearer picture of you.

Forget my fake smile, I am just really hungry... :p

Zouk's is just plain blur, he just enrolled for masters even though he has been an RA for 6 months. Welcome to the post grad club.. muehehehe.. :D

More stories. .. I paid no attention.. still hungry :D

Finally makan!!!. This is kampung fried chicken. It can also mean free range chicken raised without antibiotics and can also be fed organically.

Jantung pisang and paku pakis... in english... err Banana heart and nails... :D. (the brown one is part of a banana tree that is shaped like a heart and is red when not cooked, the green one is just leafy vegetable)

Tom Yum..
Forgotten to take picture of the Gulai Kawah (curry cooked kampung style). Thank you Dr Malina for this wonderful lunch.. Next.. Prof Wan's is treating us all lunch :D

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