Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The longest commercial ever...

Yup the longest commercial ever is about 3 hours long. The commercial is title Australia. Some say its kinda of cruel to say this movie is a commercial, but if you watched you will agree. Instead of Sydney's Opera house, kangaroos, crocodiles and koala, the movie shows the desserts and the outback of the Land Down Under, which is very refreshing. Okay, they did show a couple of kangaroos hopping happily around, but then it got shot. Instead they focus on cows (yumm steak!!!) instead of sheeps (yum lamb chops!!!) and cowboys and Aborigines. Despite the ratings, its a really beautiful movie to watch. Its also refreshing to see another side of World War 2, where Australia is being attacked by Japan. I don't think that part of the war is told that much in the media. Hugh Jackman is totally ripped in this movie, there is even a scene where he wet and half naked. Nicole Kidman however was fully clothed most of the time. Perhaps he was preparing for his role in the new X men movie, Wolverine. The boy who played the half white half Aborigines child was excellent, he really knows how to play the character. I give this movie a 7/10. Not bad, but its 3 hour long so you better get a jacket, or load up on snacks :).

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