Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bigger but not better.

Hmm I been changing my workout regime. I started to lift more weights and reduced my time of the cross trainer and more time on the threadmill. What do I get? Well, like articles I have been reading. I am an endomorph since I am rather stout, have a big skull, relatively small hands and feet and big bone. However I do have some mesomorph features which is my shoulder is wider than my hips, which mean I do have the natural V shape that is very appealing to all. Well one thing that is similar to both body type is that people with these two body types can gain muscle easily... Sure or not... So I decided to give it a go..Well sure enough.. it was true. Some of the sleaves of my shirt is a bit tight now, I even felt shirt was a bit tight in the chest area.. True enough even though my pants are a bit loose since I my hips and thighs are smaller (hips don't lie... :p) and I have been going to the gym more often, I gained a 2kg. My mother and my friend both said I got bigger... :-(.... Oh crap... the articles were true.. yes, I can gain muscle easily but as an endomorph that includes fat.. sigh.... So I have to get back to my former routine, which was cardio, cardio, more cardio and lots of it. Did I mention more cardio...

I have to join this furry little friend that I gotten on the internet. Run and run and more running!!!

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