Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Abg, can get some sanitary pads" my sister sms me. "It's late at night la, I might be home late" I sms back. "Please lah, we are out" she replied back. Why is it they always ran out of sanitary pad late at night. Anyways I lived with three menstruating ladies. So I do know a bit about the menstrual period. Gosh I used to memorized the cycle (I thought it was in the exams). Anyways I pretty much know about the mood swings, the menstrual cramps and even the menstrual pimples. So menstruating girls don't really bother me, although I find it amusing when they describe their menstrual cramps. The best description is from my neighbor and degree classmate she said "Its like trying to fart but you can't and it hurts" Whoa now that sounds like torture. Anyways, a new member of my family has started menstruating, my youngest sister just started to menstruate. She and my other sister was playing around when she noticed that her pants had blood stain. My younger sister said it happened yesterday and she thought she cut her thigh or something but she said it did not hurt. So she just changed undies. My other sister was laughing and she told my mum and older sis. So they thought her how to clean up, how to wear a sanitary pad and other kind of girly stuff about menstrual. My younger sis also had her first PMS when my older sister walked in to see her naked and she got really angry and started yelling, The yelling even continue to sms. hehehehe. Her first PMS, how adorable. One thing about my younger sister having her period, is that in my family once the girl has her period, she will cease to grow any taller. Muehehehehe, my title as the tallest person in the family is safe for time being. Yup as short as I am when my friends see me (I am 161cm) I am the tallest in the family even my dad is 160cm. Now there are 4 people menstruating and although my mum is stopping pretty soon. I have to buy the jumbo pack for them for now on.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Queen Rania

This is Queen Rania youtube channel. She is the queen of Jordan who works hard to break all type of stereotypes of the Arabs and Muslim world. She appeared on Oprah and many other talk shows to give some ignorants (hmm perhaps most) Americans a different view of Islam from what they learn or watch on TV. I think its something Americans or other western people should just watch online other than gossip and porn. Things have changed a lot. I lived in America for three and half years when my dad pursued his bachelor degree. Being a Malaysian in America we tend to be stereotyped in many ways. First they thought I was Hispanic and they started to speak Spanish to me, some thought we were Native Americans (Red Indian) and asked which tribe we belong to, then we they know we live in Malaysia, they ask if we lived on trees and walked around barefoot in the forest and then we were Muslims. When I lived I did not get any weird question about being a Muslim since Islam was relatively low profile back then. Things changed, we are on the news often and there perception has changed. Anyways these youtube channel is quite informative about breaking stereotypes and being entertaining at the same time

Monday, December 29, 2008

International Extreme Autoshow Malaysia

Many thanks to Dr Shah for giving me these free complementary tickets and to Inah for giving her complimentary tickets to me, so that I could bring a petrol head friend along to the show.

A modified Proton Iswara turned into a convertible. This reminds me of a pimp car in the US.

Zebra interior to bring out the animal in you.

A rear end of a Rusa to blow you away, the airbrush art inside is nice too.

This red Nissan Vanette speakers are also nice. I love to stand in front of it and received the full force of the music.

No Jet Car or Double Head Mini Cooper, it got stuck at US customs.

Owh my baby!! My sweet sweet love!!! Too bad there was no Mazda RX8 that was modified in the show. Its does not matter, she is perfect the way she is :)

Jakarta Monster, an Isuzu converted into a Hummer H2 if I am not mistaken.

Look at that LCD screen on the roof and those rims. Its a nightclub on wheels.

Toyota Hilux that has been lowered. A popular style of low riding the truck which has not materialised in Malaysia since we use the truck for work purposes only.

Nice ICE system in the pickup bed.

This gold up, bling up, and lowered down car is formerly knows as a Honda Jazz. I love the scissor front doors and suicide rear doors.

Pretty in pink this pink up car is girly but pack a lot of punch.

Look at the interior, very nice looking and blue. I love it

BMW pickup? No not really just a pickup truck with BMW lights and grill.

Green with envy with a turtle on top, an accessorized Kia Carnival

Grrrrr, this Hyundai Atos with its tiger scheme has not only a well equipped ICE but a modified engine as well. The regular engine probably could not handle the large wheels and the weight from all the equipments.

This blue mini is actually a pickup. I really like it. In Australia there is the new Mini built like a pickup. Aussies love "utes" or these kind of pickup cars.

A heavily modified Myvi. It looks a possessed Myvi that escaped from hell.

A Proton Putra with a Impreza snout.

Daihatusu Opti with Devon Aoki airbrushed on the side.

This is a EXTREME modified car, it used to e a Perodua Kancil and look what is has become :D

I saw this Datsun/Nissan near my local Brothers Accessories shop.

The view of the Arena from the seating area. My friend and I were chilling out just enjoying the view.

Coach interior anyone? Hehe my friend wonder if these are Petaling street coach :D. Anyways I had a great time at this International Extreme Autoshow. It was even better to have my camera shy friend along because he is into cars and much as I am. He knows more technical stuff than I do so I learned a lot from him. We stayed there from 12pm to 6pm. Another friend came along around 5pm and he left after 30 minutes. Well for those who do not have the passion for cars and only treat cars as a form of transportation from A to Z will never understand our passion for cars. Heck they could have a 6 figure salary and still be driving a Wira. That just annoys the hell out of me. They could afford something better, saves more fuel, and safer, but they still choose to drive something old and beat up. That I cannot comprehend. Thanks again to Dr Shah and Inah for giving me this opportunity to just chill out :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


I went to fantastic birthday dinner last Christmas. Since I have to leave my house by 7.30pm and I just got back from the lab at 5.30pm and I was particularly lazy to go to the gym, I decided to bake something so that I would kill time and prevent me from eating. So I plan to make blueberry muffin.

First we pre heat the oven.

Baking is easy with this pre mix muffin mix.

All I need to add to the muffin mix is eggs, vegetable oil and water.

I added fresh blueberries to the mix for that extra touch.

Mix them all together and bake in the oven until the centre comes out clean

There you go, blueberry muffin :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Increase Ticket Price

As I was eating lunch today, I come across an article in a Malay newspaper. The articled stated that Malaysian filmmakers wants the government to raise the ticket price of foreign (namely Hollywood movies) to Rm 20 so that it would encourage locals to watch local movies. WTF!!! We have Suhaimi Baba, Afdlin Shauki and Ahmad Idham agreeing and proposing the idea on that article. May I repeat WTF!!!! Why are they Proton- nizing the local film industries. Proton-nizing is how the government "helped" Proton by taxing out all of it competitors. So people had NO CHOICE but to buy Proton because other cars were tax out to be really expensive. I remember my dads Yellow Mistubishi Lancer in the 80s when I was around 4 or 5. My mom told me he bought the car for RM 20k and sold it at RM 20k, he was able to sell it at RM 20k because Proton just stared to developed so other cars were tax out heavily. So basically the buyer got a bargain for getting the car at a much cheaper price.

Anyways back to the movie, I am very disappointed by these filmmakers and their peers for proposing this idea. I have great respect for Suhaimi Baba and Afdlin Shauki for their movies and I look forward to their movies. I love Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam and Los dan Faun. The directors have like a legion of loyal fans because they make good movies. Yasmin Ahmad movies are something that is worth waiting for, Khabir Batia's movie, Sepi is something I loved. I mean come on, it shows local talent can make great films if they think outside of the box a bit. I HATE Zombin Kampung Pisang, just reading the title irks me already (zombie with flour on their face and could be cure with a vaccine but strangely after being cured they still have flours on their face!!!) Scenario Lang Buana has the worst fighting scene ever!! I see kindergarten with more passion and expression when fighting (imagine using durian to catapult to enemies and praying to the heavens so that on coming arrows and spears wont hit them). Asking for leverage for the government is not good, look what happened to Proton, who once reign as the leader is car sales (mostly due to government intervention) but they lost to another car company with the same government intervention that only sells smalls hatchbacks with displacement under 1.5 litre. They are called Perodua. Only now Proton is slowly clawing back to number one with cars people need (Persona, Saga BLM) instead of cars the former head Tengku Mahaleel thinks we need (Gen2, Juara).

I hope this ruling would not happen, because increasing the ticket price to Rm 20 would only make the pirated DVD sellers happier because people are buying DVDs and our mediocre Broadband Internet connection even slower because people are downloading the movies from the Net and hogging up the connection.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So addicted..

I am so addicted, addicted to going out. I thought about staying at home yesterday but ended up having dinner with my lab friends and a lecturer who is on a break from studying in the UK. I been going out a lot and it feels like I am testing my parents patients or something. At least I make it up in the morning, where I sit down and talk to them or help them with anything. But then I come to the lab late, and end up going back home late. Hehe its a vicious cycle. I got back late at night and still end up going out with my parents to have supper. Hoho, but I had a small vanilla cone with Coke Light :p. Its just something I just love to do, to go out and meet people. I don't even watch TV or play my PS2 as often as I do before. Its nice to go out and live instead of just waisting your life away in front of a tube :D.

A Clean and Smooth Act

I can get really messy with all my toiletries set. I used to chuck it all in the closet and end up mixing my clothes and the toiletries together which result them in falling out of my closet all together. Hair, face, body, perfume, deodorant and etc all together crammed in many places, I decided it was enough and I desperately needed to clean up my act.

There, everything in place, outside the closet and within personal reach. Do you think this picture looks familiar?

Hik2, I guess it does since it reminded me of my sister organized mess in compartments. Generally we have the same but not similar stuff such as sunblock, lotion, perfume and deodorant. However she wears make up, I don't hence less brushes and other make up tools.

I use a variety of lotion everyday. It was ingrained in my self when I was little when my mother and sister would tell me to put a lotion on because my skin was dry or oily or patchy or whatever the reason maybe. I am usually very diligent when putting on face lotion but usually ignored the rest of my skin. However things changed a bit and I do need to take care of other areas of my skin other than my face. I found a really good body lotion with 10% alpha hydroxy acid, which is said good to exfoliate skin to reveal newer healthier skin. This lotion is great to help treat acne, dry skin or any rough patches. Sunscreen is very important. Other than preventing skin cancer, it also prevent early signs of wrinkles. I been using a variety of sunscreen every since I put lotion on my face. Maybe that is why some people say I look a bit young for my age :p. This waterproof sunscreen from Banana Boat is light but I read in an article that it does not contained enough UV blocking properties. Oh well might as well finished this first before I get a better quality ones. I really like this scalp lotion by Sunsilk to treat my dandruff because of the light texture and fragrance. It works wonders on days where I forgot to shampoo my hair by calming down the itch. Scholl's Foot Therapy is just one of many foot creams I tried to treat my thick, dry, callous soles. I really have to be diligent using this cream and sometimes it gets tiring. Hehehe I do find tanning un attractive (but so do most Malaysians :p) so I try to delay the tanning (skin darkening) process by using a Brightening cream. It was said it helps to delay the melanin production that adds the tan (colour) to the skin. So far its okay, I mean unlike the commercials I won't get better jobs, or get to know someone or get lucky but it does makes your skin look glowy. Finally OXY (benzoyl peroxide), the best treatment for acne backed by many medical journals. Some people are allergic to it and some will experienced that benzoyl peroxide is very drying. So far I have no problems with OXY since it prevents my skin from being oily but it does bleach my shirts since OXY may stained or bleached fabric. So I end up using it at night. I know this is a lot of stuff for a guy but then its better to be educated about this than living in the dark..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Made it

I made moist chocolate cake and with vanilla frosting for Faisal, Kieran and Ray's potluck dinner. The cake is pre mixed while the frosting is made from scratch. My family loved it. My brother said it tasted like Oreo's. My older sister said it was heavenly. I hope the guys at the dinner like it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My dreams are something I held dearly in my heart. Sometimes its so vivid, that I refuse to wake up from bed. Todays was about travelling and funny thing is, it involved my facebook, blog and lab friends, all together in one dream. It was so weird, but then most of my dreams are weird. Maybe because I was a bit tired, I went again to lift weights and did it until I feel like my arms are about to off. Well my whole body is sore again. One good thing, things are back to normal at my house. I am still a bit bitter because I felt I was not appreciated. Suddenly out of the blue my mother said "So you wanted an Ipod? How much is it? Your dad wanted to buy an LCD TV, which one is the best? Your sister wants a PSP, how much is it?".. So weird, where on earth will the money appear anyways..

Gadgets galore

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My parents and sisters are back from Dubai. My stint as a single parent for one month is finally over. Things are back to normal. Although the ride home was a little disappointing for me. I looked forward for things they buy to bribe me because of my sacrifice in this month. I was looking at jeans, shorts, and shoes... but all they got me was fabric.. great.. fabric... i am just tingling with excitement... suddenly the one month trouble i went through was for nothing... fabric to make slacks.. (i got enough slacks already and i don't even wear them anymore) fabric to make shirts.. (great... i don't wear shirt to class anymore...) and fabric to made into baju melayu.... (great.. something I wear once a year..) its like a total disappointment really.. i look forward to them coming home.. hmm yah i should be thankful i no longer need to be responsible for the house, money or discipline... but i felt like i have the short end of the deal here.. they got shoes, bags and oh boy.. fabric!!!.. just great really.. i don't feel like going out to the living room and look at the fabric they bought.. who cares really.. i feel like retaliating..... hmmm i still have their ATM card, and credit card. I still have some more cash leftover after my huge withdraw at the bank...

Friday, December 12, 2008

In The Club?

I felt like dancing and these songs were great in the clubs. The first by Flo Rider is like a staple choice for music in clubs all over the world. The second video is a homegrown talent. I heard his first song on called Dem Girls, but the second single to me is much better. It is called fantasy girl. A video made using web cam from all over the world, using a night mode. This rather young Malay (I think he is malay..) guy really knows his stuff. It has nice beat to it, its only a matter of time before we can hear these in the clubs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seeing Red

I saw this Honda Jazz/Fit at my workshop went I sent my car. The car had nice set of sport rims and tires. The body kit is also very smart. This is a 2004 model but its still cost around RM 72k. Honda's cars value do not plummet as fast as Proton cars. Their desire and reliability makes it one of the top choice among consumers.

I can't believe I saw this Ferrari Modena Spider at my gym. Really rich people do come here :p. Even worse, they are so rich, they left the SMART TAG on the front windshield. It will takes days for the spare part from Italy to come if the thief broke the front windows and steal the SMART TAG.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My sister bought this organizing tray, the last time we went to IKEA. I dunno about you, I don't think it looks organized but more like a mess slotted in their own compartments. This just emphasizes how much make up stuff she has. Ah..IKEA.. love the place :D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Los dan Faun

Los dan Faun, a film directed by Afdlin Shauki, the same director that directed Baik Punya Cilok, Sumo lah and Cuci (correction, Cuci was directed by Hans Isaac) had high expectation for this movie and I was not dissapointed. This is a mystery genre comedy. You have bits of CSI and Sherlock Holmes thrown in, and even a bit of so called psychic powers to solve mysteries. Los played by Hans Isaac and Faun played by Adlin Aman Ramlie are two best friends with a passion for solving cases. One case that stumped them was the recent case they had to solve which was the missing RM30 million watch that was missing from Tuan Soffaruddin (played by Afdlin Shauki) wrist when he died of a heart attack. His widowed wife Pn Jasmin (Erra Fazira) hired Los and Faun to retrieved the watch. With the help of Dick Johnson (Stephen Rahman Hughes) and Amran Askor (Khir Rahman) they work together to recover the missing watch. The mystery part of this story actually worked since we don't really know who stole the watched until the end of the movie. I absolutely love this movie to death. I am giving it 20 out 10. Yes I doubled the score because Afdlin did something no one would do in Malaysia. The story is great, the characters are unique and funny, and there were so many funny moments. There was a mixture of various types of comedy from slap slick, sexual, insults and just plain kinky. Who knew Brokeback mountain, bras, helicopter driving Widow, a very sexual Old Lady cleaner. and a GRO part time Magician would be in the same movie, a Malay movie at that. I love Ida Nerina as Serina, they tinkle bell voice like GRO who has her own circus in her house to perform a magic show, Stephen was hilarious with his American accent, Khir Rahman sounded like a politician from the way he speaks, the late Yusni Jaafar was hilarious. and there were cameo appearances from Rashid Salleh, Douglas Lim, Nell Ng, Fish, Noor Khirah amd Din Beramboi. I suggest you all see this movie, I was laughing all the way. There were some jokes and gags that require you to have some American culture knowledge a bit, but overall its GREAT movie. This movie should win an award or two.

She is like the staple actress for Afdlin Shauki film now. Pretty but not afraid to be silly.

Ida Nerina as her usually funny self that kinda over shadowed Afdlin a bit.

Stephen is funny with his bottled blond hair and thick American accent. Hans is back to his Portuguese roots as Los, then less bright of the duo but with better people skills.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Day In The Lab

Yup just a regular day in the lab. It started off with breakfast in our lab technologist room.

Followed by a dissection of a snake.

A snake my friend found dead on the side of the road.

They are removing all the internal organs in preparation to preserve it.

They will opened it with wooden stick so the preserving solution will cover the snake inside and out.

Ah yes while the snake is submerged in the preserving solution, its time for clean up of the fume hood. Just a normal day in the lab.