Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Clean and Smooth Act

I can get really messy with all my toiletries set. I used to chuck it all in the closet and end up mixing my clothes and the toiletries together which result them in falling out of my closet all together. Hair, face, body, perfume, deodorant and etc all together crammed in many places, I decided it was enough and I desperately needed to clean up my act.

There, everything in place, outside the closet and within personal reach. Do you think this picture looks familiar?

Hik2, I guess it does since it reminded me of my sister organized mess in compartments. Generally we have the same but not similar stuff such as sunblock, lotion, perfume and deodorant. However she wears make up, I don't hence less brushes and other make up tools.

I use a variety of lotion everyday. It was ingrained in my self when I was little when my mother and sister would tell me to put a lotion on because my skin was dry or oily or patchy or whatever the reason maybe. I am usually very diligent when putting on face lotion but usually ignored the rest of my skin. However things changed a bit and I do need to take care of other areas of my skin other than my face. I found a really good body lotion with 10% alpha hydroxy acid, which is said good to exfoliate skin to reveal newer healthier skin. This lotion is great to help treat acne, dry skin or any rough patches. Sunscreen is very important. Other than preventing skin cancer, it also prevent early signs of wrinkles. I been using a variety of sunscreen every since I put lotion on my face. Maybe that is why some people say I look a bit young for my age :p. This waterproof sunscreen from Banana Boat is light but I read in an article that it does not contained enough UV blocking properties. Oh well might as well finished this first before I get a better quality ones. I really like this scalp lotion by Sunsilk to treat my dandruff because of the light texture and fragrance. It works wonders on days where I forgot to shampoo my hair by calming down the itch. Scholl's Foot Therapy is just one of many foot creams I tried to treat my thick, dry, callous soles. I really have to be diligent using this cream and sometimes it gets tiring. Hehehe I do find tanning un attractive (but so do most Malaysians :p) so I try to delay the tanning (skin darkening) process by using a Brightening cream. It was said it helps to delay the melanin production that adds the tan (colour) to the skin. So far its okay, I mean unlike the commercials I won't get better jobs, or get to know someone or get lucky but it does makes your skin look glowy. Finally OXY (benzoyl peroxide), the best treatment for acne backed by many medical journals. Some people are allergic to it and some will experienced that benzoyl peroxide is very drying. So far I have no problems with OXY since it prevents my skin from being oily but it does bleach my shirts since OXY may stained or bleached fabric. So I end up using it at night. I know this is a lot of stuff for a guy but then its better to be educated about this than living in the dark..
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