Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Abg, can get some sanitary pads" my sister sms me. "It's late at night la, I might be home late" I sms back. "Please lah, we are out" she replied back. Why is it they always ran out of sanitary pad late at night. Anyways I lived with three menstruating ladies. So I do know a bit about the menstrual period. Gosh I used to memorized the cycle (I thought it was in the exams). Anyways I pretty much know about the mood swings, the menstrual cramps and even the menstrual pimples. So menstruating girls don't really bother me, although I find it amusing when they describe their menstrual cramps. The best description is from my neighbor and degree classmate she said "Its like trying to fart but you can't and it hurts" Whoa now that sounds like torture. Anyways, a new member of my family has started menstruating, my youngest sister just started to menstruate. She and my other sister was playing around when she noticed that her pants had blood stain. My younger sister said it happened yesterday and she thought she cut her thigh or something but she said it did not hurt. So she just changed undies. My other sister was laughing and she told my mum and older sis. So they thought her how to clean up, how to wear a sanitary pad and other kind of girly stuff about menstrual. My younger sis also had her first PMS when my older sister walked in to see her naked and she got really angry and started yelling, The yelling even continue to sms. hehehehe. Her first PMS, how adorable. One thing about my younger sister having her period, is that in my family once the girl has her period, she will cease to grow any taller. Muehehehehe, my title as the tallest person in the family is safe for time being. Yup as short as I am when my friends see me (I am 161cm) I am the tallest in the family even my dad is 160cm. Now there are 4 people menstruating and although my mum is stopping pretty soon. I have to buy the jumbo pack for them for now on.
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