Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Queen Rania

This is Queen Rania youtube channel. She is the queen of Jordan who works hard to break all type of stereotypes of the Arabs and Muslim world. She appeared on Oprah and many other talk shows to give some ignorants (hmm perhaps most) Americans a different view of Islam from what they learn or watch on TV. I think its something Americans or other western people should just watch online other than gossip and porn. Things have changed a lot. I lived in America for three and half years when my dad pursued his bachelor degree. Being a Malaysian in America we tend to be stereotyped in many ways. First they thought I was Hispanic and they started to speak Spanish to me, some thought we were Native Americans (Red Indian) and asked which tribe we belong to, then we they know we live in Malaysia, they ask if we lived on trees and walked around barefoot in the forest and then we were Muslims. When I lived I did not get any weird question about being a Muslim since Islam was relatively low profile back then. Things changed, we are on the news often and there perception has changed. Anyways these youtube channel is quite informative about breaking stereotypes and being entertaining at the same time

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