Monday, December 29, 2008

International Extreme Autoshow Malaysia

Many thanks to Dr Shah for giving me these free complementary tickets and to Inah for giving her complimentary tickets to me, so that I could bring a petrol head friend along to the show.

A modified Proton Iswara turned into a convertible. This reminds me of a pimp car in the US.

Zebra interior to bring out the animal in you.

A rear end of a Rusa to blow you away, the airbrush art inside is nice too.

This red Nissan Vanette speakers are also nice. I love to stand in front of it and received the full force of the music.

No Jet Car or Double Head Mini Cooper, it got stuck at US customs.

Owh my baby!! My sweet sweet love!!! Too bad there was no Mazda RX8 that was modified in the show. Its does not matter, she is perfect the way she is :)

Jakarta Monster, an Isuzu converted into a Hummer H2 if I am not mistaken.

Look at that LCD screen on the roof and those rims. Its a nightclub on wheels.

Toyota Hilux that has been lowered. A popular style of low riding the truck which has not materialised in Malaysia since we use the truck for work purposes only.

Nice ICE system in the pickup bed.

This gold up, bling up, and lowered down car is formerly knows as a Honda Jazz. I love the scissor front doors and suicide rear doors.

Pretty in pink this pink up car is girly but pack a lot of punch.

Look at the interior, very nice looking and blue. I love it

BMW pickup? No not really just a pickup truck with BMW lights and grill.

Green with envy with a turtle on top, an accessorized Kia Carnival

Grrrrr, this Hyundai Atos with its tiger scheme has not only a well equipped ICE but a modified engine as well. The regular engine probably could not handle the large wheels and the weight from all the equipments.

This blue mini is actually a pickup. I really like it. In Australia there is the new Mini built like a pickup. Aussies love "utes" or these kind of pickup cars.

A heavily modified Myvi. It looks a possessed Myvi that escaped from hell.

A Proton Putra with a Impreza snout.

Daihatusu Opti with Devon Aoki airbrushed on the side.

This is a EXTREME modified car, it used to e a Perodua Kancil and look what is has become :D

I saw this Datsun/Nissan near my local Brothers Accessories shop.

The view of the Arena from the seating area. My friend and I were chilling out just enjoying the view.

Coach interior anyone? Hehe my friend wonder if these are Petaling street coach :D. Anyways I had a great time at this International Extreme Autoshow. It was even better to have my camera shy friend along because he is into cars and much as I am. He knows more technical stuff than I do so I learned a lot from him. We stayed there from 12pm to 6pm. Another friend came along around 5pm and he left after 30 minutes. Well for those who do not have the passion for cars and only treat cars as a form of transportation from A to Z will never understand our passion for cars. Heck they could have a 6 figure salary and still be driving a Wira. That just annoys the hell out of me. They could afford something better, saves more fuel, and safer, but they still choose to drive something old and beat up. That I cannot comprehend. Thanks again to Dr Shah and Inah for giving me this opportunity to just chill out :)

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