Monday, December 1, 2008

Food for thought

Pictures stolen from Dr Shah's blog, wow this was a picture taken more than a year ago :D

Had dinner with a few friends on Sunday night. I carpooled with Josh to the place called Bangkok House in Pandan Indah (actually I forgotten where it was even after Hairie took me there :p ). Anyway as usual great food, great friends make any dinner a blast :). Food was naturally good, as usual, and I was sweating so much, I forgotten to bring my gym towel along for dinner, to wipe all the sweat off my face. There were new and old faces, friend that I finally get to see in person (hey mr maguire :D) and new people who just come into the group. A facebook friend brought along his Indonesian friend to dinner. This fella already lived in Malaysia for 6 years and just gotten back from his kampung in Indonesia. He told me you could ride a ferry there. From Johor you can go to Batam and then take a 3 days bus trip to Surubaya... 3 DAYS ON A BUS!!!!..

Anyways he was a nice fella to chat with, a bit bashful but willing to communicate. I just remembered the last time I met these people for the first time. Nervous, excited and well nervous. I kept my cool and composure and just go along with the conversation. Laugh when people are laughing and listen when people are listening. Never try to get over friendly or over talkative unless the other party is doing the same. Its always good to have one person you know at the party but its nice to talk to those you never met before. It was nice. Another dinner, another gossip and another good night of fun. Thanks to all :). Oh yes there is no pictures :D, I was to busy sweating from eating the spicy food :D.

p.s we celebrated Josh's birthday today too with a cheesecake :D, yum!! Happy Birthday Josh :).

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