Sunday, December 7, 2008

Los dan Faun

Los dan Faun, a film directed by Afdlin Shauki, the same director that directed Baik Punya Cilok, Sumo lah and Cuci (correction, Cuci was directed by Hans Isaac) had high expectation for this movie and I was not dissapointed. This is a mystery genre comedy. You have bits of CSI and Sherlock Holmes thrown in, and even a bit of so called psychic powers to solve mysteries. Los played by Hans Isaac and Faun played by Adlin Aman Ramlie are two best friends with a passion for solving cases. One case that stumped them was the recent case they had to solve which was the missing RM30 million watch that was missing from Tuan Soffaruddin (played by Afdlin Shauki) wrist when he died of a heart attack. His widowed wife Pn Jasmin (Erra Fazira) hired Los and Faun to retrieved the watch. With the help of Dick Johnson (Stephen Rahman Hughes) and Amran Askor (Khir Rahman) they work together to recover the missing watch. The mystery part of this story actually worked since we don't really know who stole the watched until the end of the movie. I absolutely love this movie to death. I am giving it 20 out 10. Yes I doubled the score because Afdlin did something no one would do in Malaysia. The story is great, the characters are unique and funny, and there were so many funny moments. There was a mixture of various types of comedy from slap slick, sexual, insults and just plain kinky. Who knew Brokeback mountain, bras, helicopter driving Widow, a very sexual Old Lady cleaner. and a GRO part time Magician would be in the same movie, a Malay movie at that. I love Ida Nerina as Serina, they tinkle bell voice like GRO who has her own circus in her house to perform a magic show, Stephen was hilarious with his American accent, Khir Rahman sounded like a politician from the way he speaks, the late Yusni Jaafar was hilarious. and there were cameo appearances from Rashid Salleh, Douglas Lim, Nell Ng, Fish, Noor Khirah amd Din Beramboi. I suggest you all see this movie, I was laughing all the way. There were some jokes and gags that require you to have some American culture knowledge a bit, but overall its GREAT movie. This movie should win an award or two.

She is like the staple actress for Afdlin Shauki film now. Pretty but not afraid to be silly.

Ida Nerina as her usually funny self that kinda over shadowed Afdlin a bit.

Stephen is funny with his bottled blond hair and thick American accent. Hans is back to his Portuguese roots as Los, then less bright of the duo but with better people skills.

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