Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My parents and sisters are back from Dubai. My stint as a single parent for one month is finally over. Things are back to normal. Although the ride home was a little disappointing for me. I looked forward for things they buy to bribe me because of my sacrifice in this month. I was looking at jeans, shorts, and shoes... but all they got me was fabric.. great.. fabric... i am just tingling with excitement... suddenly the one month trouble i went through was for nothing... fabric to make slacks.. (i got enough slacks already and i don't even wear them anymore) fabric to make shirts.. (great... i don't wear shirt to class anymore...) and fabric to made into baju melayu.... (great.. something I wear once a year..) its like a total disappointment really.. i look forward to them coming home.. hmm yah i should be thankful i no longer need to be responsible for the house, money or discipline... but i felt like i have the short end of the deal here.. they got shoes, bags and oh boy.. fabric!!!.. just great really.. i don't feel like going out to the living room and look at the fabric they bought.. who cares really.. i feel like retaliating..... hmmm i still have their ATM card, and credit card. I still have some more cash leftover after my huge withdraw at the bank...
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