Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So addicted..

I am so addicted, addicted to going out. I thought about staying at home yesterday but ended up having dinner with my lab friends and a lecturer who is on a break from studying in the UK. I been going out a lot and it feels like I am testing my parents patients or something. At least I make it up in the morning, where I sit down and talk to them or help them with anything. But then I come to the lab late, and end up going back home late. Hehe its a vicious cycle. I got back late at night and still end up going out with my parents to have supper. Hoho, but I had a small vanilla cone with Coke Light :p. Its just something I just love to do, to go out and meet people. I don't even watch TV or play my PS2 as often as I do before. Its nice to go out and live instead of just waisting your life away in front of a tube :D.
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