Thursday, December 25, 2008

Increase Ticket Price

As I was eating lunch today, I come across an article in a Malay newspaper. The articled stated that Malaysian filmmakers wants the government to raise the ticket price of foreign (namely Hollywood movies) to Rm 20 so that it would encourage locals to watch local movies. WTF!!! We have Suhaimi Baba, Afdlin Shauki and Ahmad Idham agreeing and proposing the idea on that article. May I repeat WTF!!!! Why are they Proton- nizing the local film industries. Proton-nizing is how the government "helped" Proton by taxing out all of it competitors. So people had NO CHOICE but to buy Proton because other cars were tax out to be really expensive. I remember my dads Yellow Mistubishi Lancer in the 80s when I was around 4 or 5. My mom told me he bought the car for RM 20k and sold it at RM 20k, he was able to sell it at RM 20k because Proton just stared to developed so other cars were tax out heavily. So basically the buyer got a bargain for getting the car at a much cheaper price.

Anyways back to the movie, I am very disappointed by these filmmakers and their peers for proposing this idea. I have great respect for Suhaimi Baba and Afdlin Shauki for their movies and I look forward to their movies. I love Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam and Los dan Faun. The directors have like a legion of loyal fans because they make good movies. Yasmin Ahmad movies are something that is worth waiting for, Khabir Batia's movie, Sepi is something I loved. I mean come on, it shows local talent can make great films if they think outside of the box a bit. I HATE Zombin Kampung Pisang, just reading the title irks me already (zombie with flour on their face and could be cure with a vaccine but strangely after being cured they still have flours on their face!!!) Scenario Lang Buana has the worst fighting scene ever!! I see kindergarten with more passion and expression when fighting (imagine using durian to catapult to enemies and praying to the heavens so that on coming arrows and spears wont hit them). Asking for leverage for the government is not good, look what happened to Proton, who once reign as the leader is car sales (mostly due to government intervention) but they lost to another car company with the same government intervention that only sells smalls hatchbacks with displacement under 1.5 litre. They are called Perodua. Only now Proton is slowly clawing back to number one with cars people need (Persona, Saga BLM) instead of cars the former head Tengku Mahaleel thinks we need (Gen2, Juara).

I hope this ruling would not happen, because increasing the ticket price to Rm 20 would only make the pirated DVD sellers happier because people are buying DVDs and our mediocre Broadband Internet connection even slower because people are downloading the movies from the Net and hogging up the connection.
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