Thursday, December 4, 2008


All of you are probably wondering what is with my smirk, and what the fish am I holding dearest to my cheek.

It all started from Internet, forums and junkyard search.

So many parts but none that I needed.

However lady luck was on my side, and I finally found what I wanted. A Mercedes 190e spoiler. It came from a bonnet/trunk of a similar 190e 2.6, just like mine. According to the info I got from the net, the original spoiler is soft while the fibre glass ones are stiff. The spoiler I got were soft to touch, so I hit jackpot and found an original spoiler :D

My original fiberglass spoiler had only two mounts, while the new spoiler had 4 mounts.

If I am not mistaken, this is an AMG spoiler. AMG is kinda like a tuning company for Mercedes Benz and other European makes. I believe the spoiler cam from a car that was fitted with AMG spoilers and bodykit. Finally the car looks complete again and I painted the newly front bumper that I just replaced. Now this car is ready for my first meeting with fellow owner.

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