Thursday, December 18, 2008


My dreams are something I held dearly in my heart. Sometimes its so vivid, that I refuse to wake up from bed. Todays was about travelling and funny thing is, it involved my facebook, blog and lab friends, all together in one dream. It was so weird, but then most of my dreams are weird. Maybe because I was a bit tired, I went again to lift weights and did it until I feel like my arms are about to off. Well my whole body is sore again. One good thing, things are back to normal at my house. I am still a bit bitter because I felt I was not appreciated. Suddenly out of the blue my mother said "So you wanted an Ipod? How much is it? Your dad wanted to buy an LCD TV, which one is the best? Your sister wants a PSP, how much is it?".. So weird, where on earth will the money appear anyways..

Gadgets galore

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