Monday, February 2, 2009


Present. I find this particular word unique because of the similarity of the different definition it may have. Present can be known as gift to someone or to one self. It can used to describe "now" or the self we have at the moment. Or it can be define as something that is shown to someone or something. For me personally, one word that describe the word "present" to me is surprised. No matter what the definition of present to me, it is always a surprise. Gift's are always a surprised no matter how much you already know about it. What you guess might be true and might be false. There is always that thrill of not knowing what you will get when you opened that nicely wrapped packaged. Present that is defined as show and tell or better rephrase as presentation is also a surprise. Humans are not tape recorders, there are bound to be something a little different with each presentation. The present that is now, the moment we live in is even more of a surprised. We may planned, we may predict but in God's hand or fate or other unknown factors (which ever you believe) the present might change in a good or bad way. Present... always a surprise..

While looking for a book, I found a real Gray's Anatomy. This one is actually more useful than the TV series :p. (I love that show anyway, but never seem to watched it as often as I want)

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