Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geng The Move; Pengembaraan Bermula (feat Upin and Ipin)

I just saw this movie. Its so hard to get tickets at Alamanda and Jusco Cheras Selatan because it was fully book, however tickets were easily obtained in a cinema in KL. My friend told me, in heavy populated Malay areas, people would watch this movie. I guess the cinema I go to don't have that many crowds that likes to watch Malay movies. I seem to noticed this a lot, compared to Alamanda and Jusco Cheras. Anyways back to our movie. This has to be THE BEST animation movie made in Malaysia EVER!. Forget those other animation that was shown on screen, heck you can forget all the so called CGI heavy movies (cough cough cicakman) with emphasis on action. This movie is packed with action that is suitable for the whole family, except for those with fears of reptiles, leeches and surprises. I won't dwell on the story line, please read at Gengthemovie site. This are my comments on the film.

This movie excels in details in my point of view. Watch closely how real the RM1 note is, how detail the bus tickets are, how the moth kept flying all over the light bulb, the reflection of the character in the trophy. Even the extra characters are drawn in detail and not just a shabby work.

This story is aimed mostly at Malay and small children, just how Upin and Ipin series are made. However adults can find the moral of the story they try to emulate in the film, such as religious harmony, helping others, trust and caring for endangered species. Not all of us can understand Oscar winning scripts, but this is enough for all

I find it hard to believe some people don't find this movie funny or some fall asleep during it. I mean come on, the roar of laughter should have woken you up at least. Anyway its not a typical Malay slap slick humour. Some poke fun at our way of life, family, hirarki of work, general idea and children straight forward view in life. I kept laughing to the end, please make sure you stay till the end of the credit, there is a scene after it.

The 3d nature of this movie allows us to view the action from many angles and even in slow motion. There is enough to make you jump out of your seats or get you love on all huddled up to you

They really know how to match voices to the characters design in the movie. Everything is almost seamless. Although I don't get the sudden dance and song number earlier in the movie. If I am not mistaken they used they same technology in this animation as other cartoons such as Jimmy Neutron and Foster Home for Imaginary Friends

If you are the type who enjoy malay movies, animation and just a simple good time, you would enjoy this movie. If you are those who thinks most local stuff are bad compared to those abroad, well if you haven't saw it and you still say the same thing, you are an asshole, but if you did and you felt the same way, at least you gave it a chance. Its a perfect movie for the whole family. This is a movie Watch this movie, its worth every penny, especially if you are a fan of Upin and Ipin shows. I give it a perfect score 10/10.
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