Monday, February 2, 2009

So what

  1. so pissed off today
  2. pissed off that salesperson that does not know how to treat a customer
  3. pissed off that that parking attendant that cannot be polite even though your damn machine is broken
  4. tired of not being able to collect enough data to present to my prof
  5. pissed off at my sister for making me go and almost make a scene at the wrong store because she did not write down which broad band subsriber i should go
  6. tired of malaysian (not make that malays) who said to boicott american and israel won companies. yeah yeah a bite of a Big Mac is a buying a bullet for israel. have you checked and double checked all the stuff you use daily, perhaps those money from that product that you use are used to make tanks... damn sheep followers.
  7. thinks muslims should stop protesting on the streets and go back to school. you think jews becomes strong in an instant? they educated them selves and got noble prizes while the rest of the muslim world is fighting with each other. you wanna fight them? then lets all go half mad getting our Phd so that we could bring back our gloryous islamic days where we discovered and invented new things.
  8. hates the smart tag lane at sg balak, too much problem.. lying cheating toll booth
  9. thinks the new parking system at the mines is more troublesome
  10. feels his siblings are bunch of asses for not being able to park all the cars inside the garage, i am damn tired of waking up at 1am because i need to park the car inside
  11. wonder why on earth the maxis centre and celcom centre kept running out of prepaid coupon.. WTF!!
  12. wondering why my elaun money for my RUGS havent been deposited yet, trying to threaten me yah..
  13. tired of waiting for my damn parasites... are those clerks doing their job or not...
  14. tired of hoping for something that cannot appear
  15. tired of wanting to change the past
  16. tired of hoping for unrealistic things
  17. tired of my rough sole
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