Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 days

Sky after the Storm

It was a crazy two day for me. Is it crazier than some other days, in more ways than one. However it was very refreshing to break from the norm.

It started yesterday with a presentation from my lab mates. It was a simple class presentation. My friend had to present Toxoplasma gondii which my research topic. It was kinda intimidating to me. Well I have to show that I understand what my parasite is. It was kinda surreal to me, that I was dealing with a level 2 microorganism, which is considered quite dangerous. Laboratory accidents are one of the caused for Toxoplasmosis. I handle it quite carefree despite the dangers, kinda like Madam Curie with her radioactive research. I try not to be too mean to my friend but at the same time I try to be fair when commenting on it. If I were up there I don’t like it if the panel started to drill me harshly.

My Viva is turned into a Van

I got dead things behind me

I could smell it

Then I was off to UKM in Kuala Lumpur, right next to IMR. My advisor requested me to pick up a some serums and cat carcass. It did not occur me that it would be a nightmare. I thought there would be only 3 bags, to my horror, there was 7 bags, with 3 of it is filled with a dead frozen cat. All of 7 bags where thawed.. and melting.. in my small black Viva, in a hot afternoon going through a traffic jam… Myself, my car and my soul smells like dead cat. Ah.. the things we do as graduated student. Its kinda funny that his past students also did the same thing. My co advisor had to carry a dead lizard while his other colleague under my advisor had to a carry some mosquitoes. Some escaped and he had to open the car window to let some go..

Later that night I was going to visit my friend that had to be admitted to hospital and I was supposed give his mother a ride. That was the plan at first until my friend told me, that that night a bunch of our friends will come too, so that it won’t be suitable for his mother and his cousin to come over. However his mother wanted to surprised my friend and insist on coming over, while my friend call me and said his mom won’t come over. So I was stuck in between. It got a bit chaotic on my behalf but in the end, his mother finally listen to him… Its kinda hard to say no to a sweet old lady okay… hopefully she is not mad at me.. :p

Load of antibiotics to fight my friends tonsil infection.

Finally this morning I had a rude awakening. Someone called me and asked me where I have been yesterday and if I want to see her legs. It sound like my friend, but since while I was half asleep I did not have the energy to swear. I just kept very silence.. until they finally cracked up. It was actually the Pagi Show crew of Fly FM. I forgotten I submitted an entry out of boredom to give me a Wake Up Call. I never thought they took me seriously since the reason that I put for them to call me is “I just want to wake up”…. That was real eye opener .

Foot note: I have removed the anonymous option in my comment form. I mean anonymous is just a way for cowards or people who don't like you to comment on your blog. Most of the time the comments was made to "aib kan org" or just to insult. I think that is normal if you have blog. Like I said before, when you got people who don't like you or know you and starts to read your blog, you know there are many people reading it. Oh well anon guest , I don't blame you for your callous comment, since you don't even know me or did you even try to introduce yourself. Anyways thank you for reading or having the time to comment.

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