Monday, February 16, 2009

Mama oh Mama

Life is strange you know, and it gets stranger if you live with your parents. I mean I live with my parents and still live with my parents even though I am 25. The only time I am really "independent" was when I was doing my diploma in Arau and my degree in Shah Alam. Gosh, those were the days, when about 8 months of the year, my parents have no idea what I have been doing or where I have been. That was the life. For my master's, I decided to live at home, because it would be cheaper, and I will get all the comforts of home. Food, fresh laundry, astro, and internet. Life would be great, or would it?

It seems my parents and sister are nick picking at some things I do. For so long they think I am this homely person who has no friends who just stay at home all day. I mean I am, if I was in the semester break, I don't even want to give a care about who else other than my family. However now, I have classes, research and friends to attend to. They think its weird. Going out at night GASP! have friends over to play games HORROR!, got older friends SHOCKING!!, meeting bloggers and facebook friends WTF!!!

Sometime I am over my wits with telling them who, where and why I am going out. I try to tell the stories of my friends, their family, their death, where they come from, their education, the only thing I did not left out is my friends IC.

I mean come on, I am in my 4th semester of my MASTERS..its get so irritating when I have to be investigated on what I do. Its like I am 18 again.. sure I had no life when I was 18.. but now I am enjoying meeting new people with new ideas, different lives and unique life stories. Its so refreshing to mingle with new people, to actually explore KL and know where the roads are.

Sometimes I feel so insulted you know by how my family reacts. I hate the comment my sister said to me "I don't care what you are doing, but you better stop whatever it is you are doing" WTF!! Well at least now I got a good comeback "Well, I think you should follow your own advice too"

My mum? Oh gosh.. where should I start. Yes she is one the most loving person ever, but to the rest of the world she looks very angry. We have those really pointy eye brows that makes us seem to look like we are frowning, and as we age, it gets worse. So basically anyone who comes to our house (friends of mine or my siblings) will get a bit intimidated by my mother. But she is really nice... honest...

The thing I find most irritating is, why does she want to know if my friends are married, engaged or dating?? FOR THE LOVE OF PARASITES!! WHY!!!! Is it really that important? who is married? FYI would married people get to hang out often with singles... come on laaaa.. It makes me cringe to answer that, I don't even ask that question to people.. ARGGH!!

Another personal insult I think my mother unintentionally did is when she asked me, don't you have any female friends?...... huh?... you have to be serious......... ever since I could remember, my best friend has always been a girl. I find hanging out with girls is not intimidating, I find it just normal. I engage in their relationship and such. I understand almost everything about them but something are better left not understood (shoes, bag, other people dirt) I admit I don't have that many guy friends, since I have a few selected one that I hang out frequently. With blog and facebook I get to hang out with really cool, nice and down to earth guys. And my mom got freaked out by it.. Its like who are they, where are they from, how old are they..

Owh yah don't forget marriage question.. I though I would at least get another 3 years before my mother pops up this question. Come on lah.. I don't have the urge to build a nest anytime soon. I was like.. okay.. right.. urmm sure mama.. ape ape jer lah..

Another thing that bugs me more, is when she asked, you are playing PS2 with your older friends, aren't they old to play games.. ARGGH!!! I kept calmed and replied.. "well mama, I guess they only got to buy it when they were older because their parents could not afford it just like we did before"..

Mak, mama, mom, ma, ibu....what to do what to do...I resist teenager urge to get angry and start throwing tantrums (that what my 18 year old brother is doing now because he decided to quit studying and got to vocational school to get a certificate so that he could work and then focus on his band, The Padangs). I decided to tackle the main problems, my mother and my sister head on.

I shall gather all my skills that I gathered from being around women and being around them and use it against then. It worked with my sister and it will work with my mother. This reminds me of a song.

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