Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Dream

I had dream that woke me up today to study. I dream't that I was in a Petronas green proton Saga, that was involved in a bumper to bumper accident. We were all driving on the highway, when suddenly the front driver braked, I braked but my car still lunged forward and I crash to the car upfront and then another car crashed my behind, we were still moving at high speed. I swerve to the right and brake again but only to hit another car up front and another car hit me in the back again. I started to pump my brakes so I would warn the drivers behind me that I was braking. I stopped, got out of the car and reviewed the damages. The front bumper was half missing, and the rear was damaged. I made it to a gas station where this one staff was being so Diva because I could not talk to him nicely. Come on my car was damaged of course I am easily aggitated. I was like who need his help, I got the insurance helpline on the windshield. huhu that is why i did not get a Proton Saga BLM, it does not have anti lock braking system (ABS) to prevent the wheel from locking up during emergency braking.

After that the dream gotten weirder. I saw ademonic dog that was raping a woman and then an old grandma walk walked to the that scene. When she turned the women head around, it was not a woman but a demonic cat. Then, the old grandma was feeding the demonic cat lady, kittens..

Demon cat.. (actually a cat that is yawning) I got this picture from here

Good car, but does not have the option of ABS.

Then I woke up.....and another nightmare happened.. but this time, I am awake and the threat is real..
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