Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Saw The Sign

This is a tagged given to me by Phat Rabbit, but the tag was in Malay, I changed it to English so that more people could understand it.


1. Sign's you are in a bad mood?

I would not speak to anyone, or face anyone. My face would look more serious than normal.

2. Sign's you are angry?

I would actually cry. Its weird, but I would, but not those sad tears but tears of angers. I would also be red and start to breath heavily. Or I swear more than usual.

3. Sign's you are sinting?

I have no idea what sinting is. This tag is given by a Sabah friend.

4. Signs that you are shy?

I become very quite, look away often and I stutter.

5. Signs you are jealous?

Refer to bad mood.

6. Signs you are sad?

I would be alone, run away from everyone and try desperately to talk to someone.

7. Signs you are happy?

I would literally skip my way, smile, and be just really positive.


1. What is the color of the shirt you are wearing?

Not wearing a shirt currently.

2. What if you were a shopaholic, is this statement true?

Yes I am but only if I have money :D

3. What if you believe in love at first sight?

I won't leave this option out of my mind, since I am open to all possibility

4. What do you want to do now?

Play Marvel vs Capcom 2

5. What is in your heart now?

Worried, mellow, apologic,


1. When were you born in this world?

24 Nov 1983

2. When is the best moment in your life?

It would tie between my first time driving and first time being in love.

3. When were you scolded by your parents?

I don't remember, my mother knows I don't respond well when I get scolded.

4. When was the last time you ehem ehem?

Ehem2, I do it every day, in fact I am doing it now. Cleaning my throat, ehem2

5. When will you get married?

If the right person comes along..


1. How do you respond when someone hurts you?

I want to kill them, but a slow death is better. In real life however I mostly brushed it off. It takes great skill to confront them.

2. How do you react when people call you good looking?

Blushes, say thank you and say, "biasa ja"

3. How do you react if your friend leave you out cold?

I would be hurt and probably dump that friend too..

4. How do you react if someone does not like you?

I don't give a damn, its not like I like them back

5. How do you react if you were surrounded by fire?

Try to stay calm and find a way out or to extinguished th fire, or just pray to god..

6. How do you react if you are alone?

I like being alone, I just dont like being lonely

I like to tag

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