Sunday, February 22, 2009


I just have to cam whore... :D

Ah yes, this is my sister's third accident involving another vehicle. This is her damage.

This was the van's damage.. What damage... owh it got scratches and the panel in dented inside a bit. Nothing like a bit of polish and body work to fix it in a day. My sisters bumper however might take a few days

This is the jinxed cross road where it happened. Inside Tesco Kajang, parking lot.

According to the officer, my sister is the default cause of the accident, because even though the van hit her car, her car stopped after the stop line on the road. Also according to rule R 3(2)B the van had the right of the road so my sister had to give way to the van. It sucked but that is how the rule goes. My sister had to pay compound which the maximum is RM300 but the officer said we could lower it to RM180. It sucked (again) but at least the van owner won't get to claim insurance because I believe the repairs will be below minimum amount of the insurance company. So the van owner still have to fork out their own money for repairs or at least drive with a dented van (the van is crappy anyway, so no one would notice)

Foot Note: I been listening to the new Beyonce single called Halo. This is my current favourite song. From what I understand, Halo is that circle ring on an angels head or someone that just died. I guess its a sign of heaven perhaps. I think the song is about that warm feeling that you get from someone that you love. When you feel everything is alright and anything is possible. Like the song "baby you can be my Halo, you're my saving grace"

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