Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bride Wars with Wendy

This is a chick flick but is quite pleasurable to men actually. I mean Ann Hathway in a strip club dancing dirty... yeah.... dirty.... Kate Hudson is not so bad, but I don't like her bangs... its just so thick and bangish. Well if you check the critics review, they all bash this movie. Why? because its a simple movie, easy, laid back, full of simple humor, and showing how strong friendship can be in the end. Its about two ladies, Liz (Kate) and Emma (Anne) who are best friends but somehow they got accidentally booked on the same wedding date by a wedding planner. So they both planned sneaky schemes to sabotage each other weddings. Liz is usually the queen biatch, while Emma is the doormat, but somehow Emma became a doormat that fights back. You think you know the ending, but they give it a twist.. okay.. not a twist, but perhaps a slight bend. Its a good movie for unwinding, beside did I tell you Anne Hathway look great.. perhaps I am biased with her.. since I loved her when she first got on the big screens.. Gimme brunette hair with porcelean skin anytime over a blond with tanned skin. I give a 7/10..

It has been 15 years since I ate at Wendy's. They were in Malaysia a long time ago, but packed up and leave, but they are back again. I just had to have their bowl of Chili. Yes Chili but not the cili padi ones, but Chili. Made from ground beef, beans, tomatoes and onions with certain herbs. It reminds me of the non halal Chili that we could not have in the US. It low in fat and high in fiber so it won't ruin my diet. Love this soo much, a definite keeper when I got to Pavillion again to eat. However Wendy's is located at Standard Chartered tower, outside of Pavillion.

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