Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Loaf part 2

I had the cup cheese cake at The Loaf, so now I want to try a meal at this place

We had this mock tail consist of lemon lime soda and lemongrass. The decorated it with a lemongrass stalk and an orchid, a real orchid mind you.

My friend had the Fettuccine Carbonara, served with beef bacon and garlic bread. This is fantastic, the herb blend in the Carbonara is delightful and the beef bacon is well flavoured. The sauce goes well when you dip the garlic bread in it.

I had the Reuben sandwich. Its sliced of beef (roasted I think) with pickles, a type of sauce (could be a fancy mayo mix), a medium strong cheese, some bread and salad. I like this very much. The cheese is strong but not too strong and goes well the sandwich. The beef is nice, tender and sweet. The pickles they used is "fresh" and not too sour. The surprise for me was that the salad they used (tasted like Romaine lettuce) was drench in lemon. Usually these salad are used for decoration only, but this salad was actually made to be consume, pleasurably.

This is another drink that was ordered with an orchid on top. I think this mock tail was a mixture of pineapple and mango.

At the end of the meal we were treated with a surprise. The chef presented us with two desserts that he created and wanted feed back from it. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures :p. He presented us with an all natural vanilla chiffon cake and a coconut P.... (i did not understand the P word he said, but another friend said it was french...). The chiffon cake was made using real vanilla, not just some imitation vanilla essence and they even grind the beans and add it into the chiffon mix. Chiffon is a light fluffy cake, and this cake represented well. It was so light and fluffy and not too sweet, a characteristic of a chiffon. The cake goes well the sweeten cream that they placed on the side.

Next was the coconut P..... it was coconut milk and cream with a bit of sugar I think that was whipped together into a fluffy white dessert. It is was it taste like, coconut milk and cream, I mean we live in Malaysia so we know the taste of santan (coconut milk) but never together with milk. I was told this was a French dessert. Hmm perhaps it was exotic for the french but taste pretty local to my tongue. That is why I said, this would go well with chendol or cincau (grass jelly) A friend told us, they play to add strawberries or other berries to it, and even gula melaka.
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